Gudetama Cookies

Gude, tama! gude, tama!  Gude, gude, gude, tamaahhhhh.

Meet Gudetama.  Many of you know him, many of you do not.  He’s a lazy egg, and my object of obsession for a good year or so now.  He was everywhere when I went to Japan in 2015 and leave it to the Japanese to create a hit character out of an egg.

I own the onesies, the pillows, the stationary, the figurines, and it was about time I made the cookies, so here you go.

Luckily there’s not much to Gudetama.  After baking up the sugar cookies and letting them cool, I piped the white royal icing to be his egg whites.  Once finished, I went in and did the yellow royal icing, which would be Gudetama.  Quite blob like…but that’s pretty much what he is.


After letting the icing completely dry, I went in with white food coloring and a brush to do the whites of his mouth and the highlight on his head, and a darker yellow to do the shading for his cheek and belly squish:


Then I went in with an edible marker to outline the remaining details:


And that’s really it!  Super cute and simple, which pretty much sums up Gudetama.


Pretty much describes what I feel like every morning when I have to go to work.



I challenge anyone not to love this guy.  Enjoy!!



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