100 day baby celebration cookies

I was recently asked to make 100 cookie favors for baby Chase’s 100 day celebration; some of you may know it to be a “red egg and ginger party.”  I’ve been to a few in the past (and more especially this year) and I just love ’em.  I mean, baby cuteness, seeing friends, and a Chinese feast all at the same time?  What’s not to love?!

After some conversations with Chase’s mom, we opted for rectangular shaped cookies gold painted with the Chinese word for “good fortune” with his name across the top, as a bit of a nod to the Chinese lucky red envelopes.

I decided to cover these sugar cookies in red fondant so that painting on them would be easier, and I would be more assured to get consistent results with such a large order.

As the cookies cooled, I rolled the red fondant to a fairly thin consistency, and cut out the rectangles using the same cutter as was used for the cookies.


Then I brushed water mixed with vanilla extract onto the backs of the fondant to attach to each cookie.


I then went in with a Wilton edible gold paint and hand painted the character.  It took about two coats to get a nice opaque finish.img_4609

I finished up by stamping “Chase” with black edible food coloring.  This image was taken before the second layer of gold was applied, as you can see it makes a significant difference in how crisp the character looks.img_4580

The entire project took about a week to complete.  I had to give myself sufficient breaks to ensure my work didn’t get sloppy.  I made the joke to my mom that my Chinese characters would gradually morph into some swear word I didn’t know about.img_4618

I dropped off the finished cookies to a mutual friend’s of ours who transported these babies down to Calgary, where the celebration would be.   I threw in a few extra in case of any “oopsies” en route, but it sounded like everything turned out just fine!img_4617

Congratulations again, baby Chase!img_4616



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