My Heart is Green…With Envy…?


That, ironically enough, is one of my fiancee’s biggest catchphrases, quite suitable for today’s post.

(By the way, he often gets compared to Glenn from the TV series of “The Walking Dead,” so just imagine him saying that.)

It’s sometimes hard to decide what to do for that special someone on Valentine’s Day after you’ve been with them for a while, plus I don’t really believe you need to do anything grand anyways just because a day deems so, there’s 364 other days in the year to do that.  Down with commercialism!

However, we *were* going to dinner and I *did* want to make him some sort of treat, so I decided to try something totally not my style: green tea shortbread cookies.  Why?  Well Justin loves green tea flavors.  Justin also loves shortbread cookies.  Hence, green tea shortbread.

Once again putting my goggling skills to good use, I found this recipe that seemed easy enough to follow.  Going with the V-day vibe, I decided to make them into gushy heart shapes.

Yes, I too, roll my eyes at myself for it.

Never having made anything with green tea flavor before, I headed to T&T and found this organic match green tea powder, as called for by the recipe:

The instructions were easy enough, but I don’t know how the blogger of that recipe got her green tea shortbread leaves so nice and perfect.  It was a bit of a battle rolling out that shortbread batter – it really crumbly.  I actually added a bit of water to the batter to try to moisten it up.  Either way, I had to exercise a lot of care when cutting out the heart shapes and laying them onto the pan.

Creaming together the butter, sugar, and green tea powder.
The final batter – looks like wasabi, no?
My hearts, ready to be burned.

The verdict: they turned out pretty good, but it wasn’t something I was gobbling down.  You really gotta like that green tea taste, because it is STRONG.  It doesn’t hit you right away, but you really taste the green tea flavor in the aftertaste.  It even has a bit of the bitterness that comes when you drink actual green tea.

The finished hearts!

My green tea fans LOVED it, my non green tea fans could barely finish a cookie.

Luckily Justin is the former, and not the latter, and the plate of finished cookies were consumed in a matter of days, with him now calling himself “fats.”


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