My Christmas Baking Part 2: Gingerbread Men, Reindeers, and Packing it All Up

Here goes the second part of the Christmas treats I had made this past Christmas.  If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

Gingerbread Men

I think I’ve made gingerbread men a couple times many years ago, but I always shyed away from it because I get annoyed working with sticky molasses.  I was able to find a recipe off though that didn’t require molasses and seemed to receive great reviews.  The recipe turned out great.  It’s definitely a keeper and I’ll likely encourage me to make more gingerbreads in the Christmases to come.  I kept the decorations simple and as you can see, made use of some of the decorating supplies leftover from my sugar cookie christmas trees (first post) and my marshmallow reindeer (below.)

Marshmallow Reindeer

I can’t take credit for this idea.  I found the inspiration off here.

BIG warning to those that wish to make these: it is a fine art and science to cut up the mini pretzels to look as antler-like as they do in the picture.   Buy extra pretzels, so that you aren’t running out at 10 pm buying more bulk pretzels in an attempt to finish them for the next day (like a certain blogger here.)  They were so easy to break if you didn’t cut them carefully and I was left with a pile of random broken pretzels at the end of the night.

The Marshmallow twisted onto a lollipop stick, dipped, with the eyes immediately placed on top.

Trick to get a clean break: I found I got the best results using a smaller, serrated steak knife and slowly “sawing” through the areas you want to cut off.  Finesse is key.

The pretzel antlers positioned on the wax paper, then laying my moose head on top of it to let it set and harden.
The prepared reindeers, ready for packaging.

Otherwise, this recipe is great and super easy to make.  It also helps to buy a bunch of little candy bags and thin ribbons for packaging.

Treat Packaging

Honestly, half the fun of baking these treats is putting them in nice packaging to give to your friends.  I’ve done a few different things in the past, including making my own boxes from scratch, but due to my lack of time this year with my recent travels, I decided to splurge and buy my packaging this year.

I bought two main types: one to give to individual friends, and one to give to couples (such as siblings living together, couply friends, married peoples… etc)

The treats inside, ready to go!
Finished product. Thanks Martha Stewart!

And actually, after the Michaels couponing I did, coupled with some additional sales that were offered in the store, my store bought packging didn’t cost that much more than what it would’ve cost had I decided to make my own, and it sure saved me alot of time!

The boxes uses to package up treats for two people.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the DIY packaging, but in a time pinch, I am not ashamed to use some shortcuts.

So there it is.  The treats were baked, the packaging was tied up, the smiles were received, and yet another year of Christmas baking was successfully completed.


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