Harry Potter Baby Shower Cake

Well.  Here we are.  I was wondering when I’d ever get the opportunity to do a Harry Potter inspired cake.  For those that know me, I’m kind of obsessed.  I remember rolling my eyes when I first heard of Harry Potter, till one of my closest friends gifted me with the first two books.  Ever since then, I’ve been a full on Potthead.  I really wanted to do this cake justice.

I had the privilege to do Jon and Steph’s wedding cake last year, and are now expecting their first baby muggle in Spring!  The theme of the baby shower: Harry Potter.  My job: to make the cake.  And to not drop it en route to the shower.  And to not drop it while assembling it at the shower.  Basically, to not drop it.

It was a large party, so I went for a 2 tier cake, with an 8″ tier at the bottom and a 6″ tier at the top.  I wanted to try to do a butterbeer cake so went and did some internet perusing.

I was inspired by Yolanda’s Harry Potter Cake, so baked up her vanilla cake recipe, and also prepared the cream soda simple syrup.  However I ended up using a different butterscotch buttercream.

The cakes sliced with the cream soda syrup drizzled on it

Once I covered the cake layers in simple syrup, I stacked them with the buttercream layers in between and around the cake.

I then covered the bottom tier in red fondant and laid over it 1″ wide strips of yellow fondant, an inch apart.


Food safe plastic rods to support the top tier.


The top tier was the Maurauder’s Map inspired tier.  I lightly tinted white fondant with some yellow, and then I went in with a paper towel and sponged on diluted brown and yellow gel paste coloring (palette in the bkgnd).

Once the sponge effect dried I thought it’d be fun to paint “Mischief Coming,” based off some ideas I had googled.   Later on I also painted some footprints around the cake to finish off the Marauder’s Map look.


Some of the key details:

Golden Snitch: rolled yellow fondant into a ball.  Rolled out thin tubes of fondant to do the raised detail of the snitch.  I let fully hardened before painting over with edible gold paint.

Wings were formed using a leaf cutter on gumpaste and used a veining tool to create the wing details.  Thin floral wire was inserted to later be able to insert into the snitch.  Wings were laid to dry on cling wrap so they would have a slight wave.

I had accidentally made the wings yellow, realizing after that the snitch wings were more silver in the film, so I painted them white after the fact and then finished it off with gold lustre dust to give it a sheen.

Once the wings fully dried, I inserted the wire into the snitch ball.  Unfortunately one of the wings had broken near the base, but I managed to patch it back together.

Harry Potter’s Glasses: used a 50/50 mix of fondant and gum paste dyed black.  Circles were shaped using two nesting circle cutters.  Arms of the glasses shaped using thin strips of the fondant, bent and left to harden slightly before attaching to the circles with gum glue adhesive.

Baby Hedwig: white fondant was formed into an oval ball and then curved in slight at the back to form the neck crease.  Used balling tool to indent the eye sockets, and used a flat edge tool to shape out a beak and wings.  also used a veining tool to create the texture on the chest of the owl.  Once hardened, food gel pastes were used to color the eyes and beak.

Once Hedwig fully dried, I laid a piece strip of fondant/gumpaste across and down the front of Hedwig and painted the Gryffindor stripes with food gel pastes.

Acceptance Letter Envelope:  Gumpaste was rolled flat and laid to completely harden.  Used the same sponging technique as the Marauder’s cake layer to create a vintage paper effect.  Once that dried, I painted in the lettering with the help of my projector, customizing it to the baby’s home address.  (address has been erased from pictures for privacy sake).  I also thought it’d be fun to paint the envelope lines on the other side.



The cake was transported to the baby shower venue completely un-assembled and was stacked and decorated on site.  I thought the top of the cake needed a little something to finish it off so I used two cake pop sticks and made a little paper banner saying “Welcome Baby Muggle” where baby Hedwig could sit under.  By the way, how awesome of those Ferrero Rocher snitches in the background?!



I made the wand simply enough by shaping brown and black fondant twisted together into a branch silicone mold that I had, which I thought worked quite well as a wand.  Once it completely hardened I wrapped some black fondant around the base and used a knife to roughly texturize it.

I was also able make a pretty simple Deathly Hallows symbol by using my various sized nesting triangle and circle cutters, and a small strip of fondant down the middle.




hi there.



The pretty treats table.  Golden snitch Ferrero Rochers, awesome cookie favors made by a fellow baker, and homemade butterbeer with whipped cream and butterscotch drizzled on top!  The hostess with the mostess also made an adorable burlap banner.


Jon and Steph’s friends all pitched in and there were some awesome touches!  My fave prob being this one below.  Is it a faux pas that I have a toilet on my baking post?


And in the bathroom mirror was this fun decoration!  Of course I had to wear my Gryffindor shirt, and hubby found me these cheap Harry Potter-esque glasses.  I also drew on a little lightening bolt scar.

I had a Fred Flintstone wig I was going to wear but chickened out last minute.


The fantastic spread of food!


This guy clearly needs to eat more.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All in all, it was a fantastic, and yes, quite magical day!  Highlight was probably the mommy to be transforming her baby bump into the cutest snitch ever.

Congrats J&S, can’t wait for your baby muggle to be delivered to your doorstep!


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