Super Mario Baby Shower Cake

So, little Aden wanted to join the party and decided to come out 6 weeks early, and a week before his originally planned baby shower.  We had the opportunity to revamp the baby shower to a “meet the baby” shower last weekend and had a great time!

The theme pretty much was decided automatically, with Aden’s parents being huge Nintendo/Super Mario fans, so we decided to throw a Super Mario themed event, with friends and family generously contributing to the food and awesomeness of the event.

I volunteered to do the cake.  I baked up two 8″ round cakes and halved them to get 4 layers, to be filled with chocolate buttercream.  After the crumb coat and another layer of icing, I let it firm up in the fridge while I rolled out the white fondant, and tinted it a sky blue with the “sky blue” Americolor food gel.

I’ve gotten more daring at rolling the fondant to a thinner consistency, which I found made the fondant much easier to smooth and work with once on the cake.


After that, I mixed up some brown and green fondant.  I had red fondant already on hand.

I started with the ground.  I used a large quilting ruler and a pizza cutter to roll out an even strip of brown for the ground.  I then cut another strip of light green, and used an x-acto knife to cut out the grass blades.  The grass was attached to the ground with some water and vanilla extract.

I used a small square cutter for the bricks, using the back end of that same cutter to do the brick lines.  The details on the cake were broken down into using basic shape cutters I had on hand and manipulating them in various ways to get the details I wanted.

The hedges were formed using various shaped ovals I had, with the bottoms cut flat to lay flush with the grass.


To make the piranha plant, I used a larger square cutter for the base, and cut a think strip for the top of the pot.  I cut another thin strip for the stem and used two circle cutters that were off set to shape out the leaves.

The clouds were easily formed by cutting out various sized circles of white fondant and attaching them together.


The piranha flower was made with a larger circle cutter with a section removed for the mouth, and using some freehand rolling and flattening for the white details and dots.

I topped the cake off with a name banner made with cutout card stock attached to two skewers.


Some Mario inspired details included awesome cake bob-ombs that a friend made, power star sugar cookies, Mario themed punch flavors, and coin boxes filled with chocolate coins and Werthers candies that doubled as favors.  We had an amazing spread of food and drinks thanks to the generosity of family and friends!


As an extra thank you, guests were also sent home with yoshi egg cookies, with the word “thank you” in Mario’s native tongue :).  So in the end, games were played, baby diapers were changed and lots of laughs were had.  All in all, a successful shower!!



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