Easter Cookies

I decided to do up some Easter cookies for this year.  I didn’t take a whole lot of progress pictures, but the process is quite similar to how I decorate my other cookies.

After flooding the bunny cookies (below) I let them dry a bit before I went in and piped on their tails using a star tip (with a stiff consistency of royal icing).

Then, for the nose and ears I went in with a brush and brushed on on a pink icing of a thinner consistency.

To finish it off, I used black royal icing and a small piping tip to do the eye and mouth


For the carrot, I went in with a medium consistency of royal icing and piped the first and third “bumps”.  After going through all the carrot cookies, I went back to the first one and piped in the second and fourth bumps of the carrot, that way the bumps would stay distinct.  I did the same thing with the carrot top leafs in green.IMG_0523

For the Easter eggs, I flooded the cookies with blue and let it firm up.  I then went ahead with my very fine piping tips to do the details in the various colors.  IMG_0524

The finished cookies, I called the my “Hoppy Easter” set, and I hope you have a Hoppy Easter yourself!FullSiRenderFullSizeRend


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