(Semi) Naked Wedding Cake

February 14 may mean a lot of things to different people, but for me this year it meant celebrating the wedding of two dear friends of mine, whom actually met through a match making effort by J and I!

So consider me totally freaked out super thrilled when the blushing bride to be (Steph) asked me to make their wedding cake when asked if there was anything I could do to help.  To stay in line with the rustic theme of their wedding, she asked for two tier naked cake garnished with fresh fruit.  She had found a champagne cake recipe which we test ran (and passed with flying colors), along with a gorgeous champagne custard to go in between the layers.  SO GOOD!

We decided on an 8″ bottom tier, and an 6″ top tier.  The cake was primarily for the cake cutting and pictures, as they had planned a great dessert spread for the guests.

To get two 8″ cakes and 6″ cakes, I doubled the recipe so that the cakes would bake high enough for me to divide into two layers.

Our choice of alcohol in the recipe was Prosecco.  And yes, the batter will be very runny.


One of the baked  6″ cakes

Dome of the cake layered off.  Snacks for later!

All of my cake layers.

I then started to assemble my layers.  First the 8″ cake, then the 6″ cake.

Repeat for each layer

Before the scrape.

After the scrape.  I did some adding and subtracting of icing to make sure I had a balance look of the cake peeking through the buttercream.

The two stacked cakes.  I had inserted 3 food safe plastic rods at the bottom tier for support.
I transported the cake to the venue with my containers of washed fruit and assembled it on site.  I had done a “dry run” of the fruit placement to ensure I brought the proper amount.

The bride requested a mix of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, with some sprigs of rosemary and mint for some green.  She gave me her cute cake topper that she made for me to insert at the end.  Given the rustic vibe of the wedding, we thought it was a good idea to use a charcuterie board (which happened to give her for her birthday) as the cake stand.

I placed the strawberries first as they were the biggest, and really after that, it was randomly placing the fruit around the tiers.  I then  went back and inserted the rosemary and mint where I thought it looked fitting.


The wedding was fantastic, and we had a great time celebrating our newlyweds with family and friends.  There was so much good food to be had and guests waddled away happy.  Congrats J&S!

Some of the aftermath, no shortage of treats!

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