Magic Custard Cake (say what?)

Happy Chinese New Year, folks!  I don’t really have a Chinese New Year recipe to share today, however how about something I made for a Chinese New Year dinner?

Plus, if you like Chinese egg tarts (dan tat), then you will like this recipe as the middle and bottom layer reminds me of an egg tart custard.  See my (pathetic) tie in there?

PLUS, it was my Chinese mother in law who recently shared this magic custard cake recipe that peaked my interest.  One cake batter, naturally separating itself into different layers, one of them being custard in the middle?!  How can?  I decided to give this recipe a try for an early Chinese New Year dinner at J’s parents’ home.

The blogger wasn’t kidding when she said that the batter looked “odd”.  It was very very thin and runny.  I decided to add 2 drops of yellow food coloring to give it more of an nice eggy custard look.  I found my batter look quite beige and thought some yellow might help.


Egg whites whipped into a stiff peak.
Incorporating the 1/3 egg whites into the runny batter.
Continue to incorporate the remaining egg whites in thirds.

Then pour the batter into a greased 8×8″ pan.  Don’t be too afraid to really incorporate those egg whites, it takes a bit for it to deflate.  I learned that once I saw how high the top layer baked up.

And yes, it still looks weird; kinda looks like scrambled eggs, eh?


Bake it up at 325F for 40-60 minutes.  I started at 40 minutes and checked in on the cake every 5 minutes after that.

The finished will be jiggly because of that middle custard layer.  I baked it until it was barely jiggling in the middle, like the instructions said.  Though I think I could’ve gotten away with taking it out maybe 5 minutes earlier.  Top seems a bit too much on the brown side to me.  I was worried I overbaked the custard out of the cake.IMG_9862

Let it cool completely before you cut into it, makes it so much easier.  Then, a little powder sugar dusting.IMG_9875

This is why I think I could’ve gotten away with more folding of the batter: my top layer (in the picture below, which I figure where all the egg whites go) is quite high, and I bet if I kept mixing the batter, I would’ve gotten less of a top layer and more of that middle custard layer.

Besides eating, of course, the funnest part is cutting into it and seeing all the layers; was relieved to see that a decent custard layer was still there!


I really like this cake recipe, it’s quite light and not too sweet (like, Chinese mom friendly, if you know what I mean.)

Guess this post was more Chinese than I thought after all.




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