Toasted Coconut Marshmallows


In addition to the peppermint marshmallows I made, I decided to also try making some toasted coconut ones.  The steps are pretty much the same, except instead of rolling the marshmallows around in powdered sugar, you roll them around in toasted coconut!  Oh yeah, and you probably don’t want to add the peppermint extract to these batch, stick to vanilla.  🙂

I have to say, the smell of shredded coconut being toasted on a stove top is totally awesome.  My husband, who isn’t a big sweets person (I KNOW) even wanted a taste.


Once the toasted coconut cooled completely, I poured the coconut into a shallow baking pan to reduce the mess I made on the kitchen counter.  It worked…somewhat.  Then I covered my giant slab of marshmallow with the coconut.  As I cut them into squares, I covered them with coconut.

It took about 3 cups of toasted coconut to cover up an 8×8″ pan of marshmallows, with some toasted coconut left over to spare (for you know, ice cream and stuff, or just eating by the spoon)


And there you have it!  Enjoy!  These add a nice flavor to your hot chocolate (if you don’t mind the coconut floaties) but they are also just as delicious to eat on their own!!  If you love coconut, you’ll LOVE these!IMG_9170


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