More Christmas Sugar Cookies!


In addition to the milk and cookies I had made for my work sale, I decided to make a few other cookie sets as well for some variety.  I had made a “Mini Christmas” cookie set, as well as a “Rudolph & Co.” set.  Refer below for the step by step images as to how I decorated each cookie!  VRXI5379


The snowflake cookie was done in a similar fashion, however I piped in the dots of blue while the white icing was still wet and used a tooth pick to drag the icing to give it that pointed look.


I laugh at the reindeer photo below, because I had started by making their noses a bit more triangular, then decided I didn’t’ like the look of them, so went back and fixed them to giant ovals (which i think is much cuter).  Live and learn!!


Finished Rudolph and buddy (whomever you wish it to be).  Enjoy!!



One Comment Add yours

  1. meep380 says:

    Yum! They look so perfect! 😀

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