Milk and Cookies Cookies!


Why is everything just cuter once you put a face on it?  These cookies are no exception, and I decided to make some fun cookies for a work craft/bake sale and thought these would be a fun treat people could buy for others (or themselves).  I packaged them as “Santa’s milk and cookies” but there’s no reason why they need to be Santa specific!


For the glasses of milk, I had a cutter the shape of a rectangular gift tag, so I used that and lobbed off the top using a large circle cutter to get the curvature for the top of the glass.

I used a darker blue icing to do the outline of the glass.  By the time I finished all the glasses, I was able to go back to the first one and start flooding the inside of the cookie with the milk as well as a lighter blue to represent the glass transparency.  I let those set overnight.


The little chocolate chip cookies cookies were easy enough to make with various sized circle cutters.  I filled the cookies with a light brown icing and then immediately piped dark “chocolate chip” dots with a darker royal icing.

For both cookies I let it set completely before putting on their eyes and smiles.  The eyes were done by dabbing a dot of black royal icing on the cookie using a toothpick, and then using that same toothpick to do the smile.

Once those set completely, I went in with a toothpick and white food coloring (I use Americolor, for all my coloring) and dabbed a small reflection in their eyes.

Packed up and ready to go!


These are probably one of my favorite cookie sets I’ve done so far.  And like I said already, everything is just that much cuter once you put a little smiley face on it!!  Enjoy!



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  1. Tammy says:

    Hi Lydz! What royal icing recipes do you use to decorate your cookies? I’ve only attempted once and followed a recipe on Martha Stewart’s blog and failed miserably. They were so runny and wet and made a complete mess and couldn’t hold their shape. Switching colours and piping bags were also a disaster because once I switched onto the next bag with a new colour, the previous piping bag would completely pour all over the place and then immediately dry up. Any tips?

    Love your blog!

    1. Hi Tammy! The recipe I’ve used is one from Sweet Sugarbelle (and you can find the post here: ( She posts two recipes, one for a larger and one for a smaller batch. Most times I am able to get enough icing for what i’m making out of the smaller batch. Her post is awesome with great tips and she’s a cookie decorating guru! It should help you address the runny icing issues, it sounds like a simple issue of needing to add more confectioners sugar to your recipe.

      I can understand the frustration of multiple icing colors! in terms of clean up, what I like to do for easy clean up is once I prepare my royal icing and put them in saran wrap pods, again a great idea from Sugar Belle! ( I don’t use press and seal bags but I just rip out a good sized square of regular cling wrap, lay it flat on the table, pour my colored royal icing into the middle of the square , and roll it up and twist up the ends similar to the post, and then slip that into my reusable piping bags. When I’m done I can most times just toss the saran wrap pod.

      To address the issue of having icing leaking out of their bags when they are not being used, I get a tall drinking glass, cushion the bottom with a few sheets of damp paper towel, and stick my filled piping bags in there. The damp paper towel acts as a stopper from icing from coming out of the tip, as well as keeps the tip moist so it prevents any crusting. I would also encourage you to try out a royal icing where the consistency is thicker, because I think that may also play a part in your icing pouring out too fast when not in use.

      Hopefully these tips help you and I let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!

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