Oreo Bears


How cute are these?  I stumbled upon these cute bears on everydaydishes.com and thought they would be such a fun addition to my annual baking haul.  I’m always a fan of something that is relatively simple to make, with really fun results!

Ingredients are easy enough to get.  Oreos and mini marshmallows: Superstore.  White and Brown candy melts: Michaels.  M&M’s: Bulk Barn (don’t ask how long it took me to pick out the blue and brown ones).  The recipe is quite straight forward but there are a couple things I did that helped me get better, more consistent results.


One thing that I did differently was that partway through I started using a sharp paring knife to open up the oreos.  There were a a number of times where I would pry open the cookie by hand and it resulted in the cookie cream being ripped off or coming off unevenly (as pictured above), which sometimes made it challenging to put back to together evenly.   Using a paring knife I was able to run it along the one side of the cookie and it came of much cleaner.

Another thing I did was dip the flattened portions of the mini marshmallows (the part of the marshmallow that gets “sandwiched”) with some melted white candy melts to get the cookie to glue together a bit better.  This resulted in way less cookies falling apart in the bowl of candy melts.   Again, didn’t capture it in the picture above, but you get the idea.



Because the side of the cookie with the two marshmallow ears were the most fussy, I also started dipping my cookies by hand first to get the ears covered, and then on the side that would rest closest to the fork handle (top two pictures).  I then rested the cookie on the fork and use a spoon to cover up the rest.  Covering the cookie that way was much easier and resulted in less accidents of the cookie opening up and the marshmallows shifting than when I tried to dip the entire cookie in one go.


PATG6690I also personally just found it more efficient to prep a bunch of the bears’ noses ahead of time, so I glued the m&ms to the un-melted candy melts and set them aside until after the cookies were fully dipped.  Once the bears were completely set, I went in with melted dark candy melts and piped on the eyes.

Easy peasy!


This recipe is such a keeper and the results are adorable!  Be sure to try these if you’re looking for some easy and cute for this Christmas season!


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