Mini Donut Cookies


If you’re anything like me, you probably subsrcibe/like/favorite/stalk a bunch of talented bakers out there.

Or not.  Whatever.

I recently had a go at these mini donut cookies that Sweetambs posted a tutorial on.  What is it about things being mini sized that make them so much more awesome?

Seeing how adorable they are they were, I decided to make some for a get together I was going to.

I followed the recipe for the dough, but truthfully, I found my dough a little too stiff than her video showed.  I had doubled the recipe and wondered if that had anything to do with it.  I was able to still pipe out the batter, but it definitely wasn’t as smooth as hers.



Out of the oven.

I started with the cinnamon buns.  IMG_5738

I didn’t take any pictures of the rest of the cinnamon buns, as Sweetambs video shows the entire process, so here were my completed cookies.

One thing I did different was actually flavor the pink icing with a raspberry extract so that they would “taste” pink.  What I’ll do next time is also sprinkle some cinnamon into my glaze for the cinnamon bun cookies, and add a bit of honey to the icing for the crullers, that way all the cookies was “taste” like they look!

Love how little they are!  Give these cookies a try if you’re looking to make these adorable bite sized treats (and then you can say you ate a dozen donuts, and not feel too guilty about it)  HAVE FUN!IMG_5753


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