Painted Bulldog Birthday Cake


I love, love LOVE bulldogs (what is it about those scrunched up faces??), and it’s been an ongoing debate with my husband on having one join our family.  So consider me super jealous when I learned a coworker got an English bulldog of her very own!

Meet Clementine, and apparently she’s got quite the following on Instagram (@clementinethebully)


Adorbs, right?

Some colleagues at work wanted to surprise her with a birthday cake, and asked me to make her a cake with Clementine painted on.  I was super happy to oblige!

I made a chocolate cake with a coconut buttercream, covered in white fondant.  Once the fondant had a chance to set I started on trying to make this cake as cute as the bulldog it was inspired by.  I used my Americolor food gels, water, a palette, and food safe brushes to do the work (I may have also used my projector to help me a bit, that thing keeps paying for itself each time I use it).





The finished cake.IMG_5658The cake appeared to be a big hit and Ally seemed to enjoy seeing her adorable puppy on it!  Happy Birthday, Ally!  Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with Clem!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo L says:

    You, my talented friend, are gifted! Well done, Lyds! Clementine would be proud! 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Awesome as always Lydia!!!

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