Spiderman Inspired Birthday Cake

Kim was planning an Avengers themed birthday party for her son Nathan’s first birthday and asked if I could do a birthday cake as well as a smash cake, and I was happy to oblige!

I baked up 2 8″ round cakes for the birthday cake, and 2 4″ round cakes for the smash cake, and sliced each one in half to get 4 layers for each cake.

Before placing buttercream on each layer, I brushed some homemade chocolate syrup to keep some moistness in the cake.


Then a layer of coconut flavored buttercream.
Crumb coat.

While I let the crumb coat set set, I worked on the smash cake, working in the same fashion.


Kim asked for a ruffle cake which she would elevate on a stand during the party.  Working from the bottom to the top.




And then working from the outside in for the top of the cake.


I then worked on the birthday cake, prepping the table with corn starch before rolling out the fondant.


My cake was 8″ wide, and 4″ tall, which meant that I had to roll my fondant out to 16″ to ensure that it’s large enough to cover the top and down both sides of the cake.


Now, I didn’t have the hands to document this, but I rolled up the fondant on the roller and unrolled it onto the cake.  Working relatively quickly, I used the fondant smoother to smooth down the fondant at the top of the cake, and down over the edge of the cake before it dried out and risked tearing.

Working in a circular motion, I stretched and pulled the fondant and smoothed it down working around the cake, from top to bottom.  Use a pizza cutter to trim off some of the excess fondant to make it easier to smooth out.IMG_3532

I then went in and used a small knife to trim the fondant right along to the edge of the cake.


I also sometimes find it helpful to elevate the cake on a smaller cake pan while smoothing the fondant to allow the excess fondant to hang off for trimming.


For the eye I drew a template of it on paper before rolling out the dark modelling chocolate.


I placed the template on the dark modelling chocolate and used a sharp knife to cut out the shape.  I repeated the same step for the inside using fondant for the white.


I used a simple sugar syrup to glue the white fondant piece to the dark chocolate piece.

Then to let the eyes set at the proper curvature, took my 8″ round pan, taped some parchment to it, and attached the eyes using shortening on the pan to let them harden with a slight curve, so that they would curve with the cake when I attached it.

While I let the eyes set, I started sketching the spiderweb design.  It’s not easy to tell from the pic but I used a dull butter knife to lightly draw on the fondant.  I then painted over the lines with black food coloring gel slightly diluted with water.  I also etched out where the eyes would loosely go.


Then goes on the first eye.


And the second.


And the finished cake!


Kim sent some pictures my way from the party and the party she put together looked awesome!  I love all the different superhero touches (especially those Hulk beverages!)


And look at the wonderful stand and topper that was made for the smash cake!  She is definitely crafty!

And how great are these pictures of the birthday boy?



It looked like Nathan had a good sugar rush of a time at his birthday party and I was touched that Kim considered me to help celebrate such an important birthday.  Happy 1st of many birthdays, Nathan!!




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  1. Karen says:

    Great job Lydia!

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