Greats Eats and Sweets in Seattle 2014

I had the chance to hit up Seattle when J went on a conference back in the fall.  Seattle’s known for some having some great food and I took full advantage of my week there.  We stayed at the Hyatt Olive 8 downtown so I was in great walking distance of some great food places.

Some of my memorable faves:

Taylor Shellfish Farms – A little place where you can get fresh seafood to go, but also has a small menu of fresh oysters, chowders, and other edibles.  A great place if you’re looking for a light lunch, or in our case, a pre-dinner snack!


Clam chowder with geoduck and bacon.
An assortment of various oysters.
Geoduck sashimi – very good!

The Crab Pot – This place has basically been on my bucket list every since I heard about it from friends.  You can’t really turn down the opportunity to put on a bib and eat with a mallet and your hands as you crack open a table of delicious seafood in front of you, can you?  We went all out and got the Pacific clambake which pretty much had everything!


Leave your fancy clothes at home, cuz it gets good and messy!

Pike Place Market – Being within walking distance was awesome because I got to check out all the fresh seafood, produce, handmade goods, and all the different food vendors.  I didn’t get a chance to hit up too many places but I did get a chance to go to Pike Place Chowder, and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese.


The biggest lobster tails I’ve ever seen!
Pike Place Chowder – dungeness crab roll and clam chowder
Beecher’s mac and cheese!
Eating my mac and cheese while watching them make cheese curds.
Dog Japon, a few blocks away from the market, tried by Andrew Zimmerman.


Marination Station – I first found out of this place on the show Eat St, and I guess it got so popular that they opened up a bricks and mortar location, which we had a chance to go to for dinner.  The food was casual and the flavors were great mix of that Hawaiian-Korean fusion (but I love Korean food so I might be biased!)


A very simple but tasty looking menu!
spam sushi, miso ginger chicken taco, kalua pork slider, and kimchee fried rice with kalbi beef.
Kimchee fried rice close up.

Matt’s in the Market – a delicious dinner, located right by Pike Place Market.  Don’t be too scared by the prices ’cause the entree portions are huge, we could barely finish our meal and I actually wasn’t able to finish my pork chop *sob*


Charcuterie board
Duck egg salad
My (humungo) pork chop
Justin’s half chicken.

The Walrus and the Carpenter – out of all the dining experiences, this might have been one of my favorites.  The food was great, and the vibe was cool.  We sat at the bar so it was fun watching the staff mixing up drinks and plating up dishes.  It was definitely a popular place.  They don’t take reservations so be prepared to wait during prime time; we waited about 45 minutes for our spot on a weeknight.



Assortment of fresh oysters
Scallop carpaccio
Fried oysters
Steak tartare
French onion soup

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery – my FAVORITE place the entire trip.  Totally being biased here, because I love lava cakes and I love dessert places (since we don’t have too many back home).  The Molten Chocolate Cakery pretty much combined all my favorite elements into one spot!  It was a 10 minute walk from the Walrus and the Carpenter so we headed there after dinner.


J’s sampler of ice cream flavors and different sauces underneath
My super amazing dark decadence molten lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream and toffee bits!

Japonessa – J’s birthday happened to be on one of the days while we were in Seattle so we decided to go for a nice meal to celebrate.  With us both being fans of Japanese food, we went to Japonessa for dinner, which I came across when yelping various places.  The food was so great and had some interesting dishes, including a green tea tiramisu!  I would recommend it to any Japanese food lover.

Crab tower
Octopus and seaweed salad
Octopus tataki
some pumpkin/squash dumplings
Fresh sashimi
One of the amazing different types of rolls they have
Green tea tiramisu!
4 different flavors of mochi filled ice cream: mango, chocolate, strawberry, green tea.

Sitka and Spruce – one of our last meals was at Sitka and Spruce, a very farm to table type restaurant that uses really rustic type ingredients.  Admittedly, some of the dishes look and sound quite odd on the menu (like having flowers thrown on my food), but the flavors were really great!10683596_10152471605401560_9033713962433157055_o

house made celery soda – very refreshing!
Sourdough bread with soft butter.
Black trumpet mushrooms, rutabaga, mussels, and horseradish
Shaved matsutake, scrambled eggs, mustard seed and greens

Macrina Bakery – having read an internet article recently on the “top 24 bakeries” to visit in the world, I knew I couldn’t pass up a chance to hit up Macrina Bakery, which made it on the list.  Famous for their caramel turtle brownie, I went for a morning walk to the bakery and picked up breakfast.  Delish!1509733_10152471603046560_6298405879571626554_n


Apple turnover, a morning roll (like a sweet croissant), and their giant caramel turtle brownie.

And there you have it, happy eating!







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  1. luminouszest says:

    looks wonderful 😍

    1. It was delish, Seattle is definitely a good mecca!

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