Dr. Who Tardis Birthday Cake


I’m just gonna say now that as I write this post out, I’m doing it with a British accent in my mind.  Bloody ‘ell.

Justin always loved Dr. Who, but it seemed recently he went on a bit of a Dr. Who shopping spree, especially with our most recent trip to Seattle where he bought some Dr. Who magnets and shirts at the EMP museum (Which is awesome by the way).

With his birthday party fast approaching and not that much time to spare, I decided to run with the theme and make him a tardis cake.  Admittedly, I might’ve attempted making a 3D tardis cake, but I didn’t have the guts this time around so decided to make him a cake with a dimensional image of the Tardis out of modelling chocolate on a regular 8″ round layer cake.

I’d like to clarify right now that I know nothing of Dr. Who but the little tidbits that Justin shares with me.  The only thing that seems to catch my eye in the show are the little adipose guys that were in one episode apparently eons ago.  SO CUTE!

Moving on.

I started with a 4 layer vanilla cake, pretty much identical to the cake I used for my coworker’s baby shower.  The cakes were layered with chocolate buttercream and all around.  I wanted the tardis to have a spacey background but didn’t want to dump in all that black food coloring to whip up black icing, so I figured chocolate buttercream with a few drops of black to darken it a bit would give it the same vibe.

I purchased a bag of blue candy melts from Wilton to make my modelling chocolate.  To darken the blue candy melts (because they come in a lighter blue than the tardis is), I mixed in a couple drops of my Americolor blue food paste gel into the warmed corn syrup before I mixed the melted candy melts and corn syrup together to make my modeling chocolate.

After letting it rest and kneading it to a pliable consistency, I rolled the chocolate to a 1/16″ thickness.  I printed off a picture of the tardis off the internet that I thought would be a simple template for me to use for my cake.  Using my scalpel I cut around the image.

This would be the base layer where I would lay all the other elements upon.



I printed off multiple copies of the tardis image so that I could cut out the various elements of the tardis and use them as templates to cut around where needed.  After doing the outline of the tardis, I cut out the doors from the paper image, rerolled my modeling chocolate, and used the paper doors as my template to get my doors for my chocolate tardis.


After letting the doors firm up a bit, I rolled out a small ball of white gumpaste as thin as I could and cut out three little squares that could fit behind the doors to serve as the windows and the sign.  I used corn syrup to adhere them to the back of the doors.IMG_2784


Then after that it’s just a matter of continuously cutting out various parts of the tardis and layering them on top of each other.  I proceeded to do the door knob and handle, the bottom step, as well as make the police sign at the top but cutting out the blue rectangle with the modelling chocolate.

To make the police sign, I cut out a rectangle of rolled gumpaste that I tinted black.  When it had dried sufficiently, I used my Americolor white food gel paste and a thin brush to paint in the words and the border.


And a little knob at the top for the light, again using a bit of white food gel and a brush to make the “light”

When all the pieces were in place, I took a dry paintbrush, dabbed in the same blue food coloring I used for the modelling chocolate, and used it to shade the tardis to give it some more depth.  I feel that helped to bring it to life and give it more depth.


And with the same modeling chocolate, I used the letter and number cutters I had to cut out his name and age.  Again, with the food coloring I had, I used it to shade and highlight the letters, like I did with the tardis.


As for the spacey mist I had in the background, I used a clean dry brush, dipped the tips in white food coloring, and sprayed it onto the cake by running my thumb across the bristles.  I had some leftover icing sheets which I painted with yellow coloring and cut out a few stars.IMG_2796

The finished cake.Justin loved the Dr. Who themed and wore his Dr. Who shirt to go with the event.  There were little adiposes, daleks, and a Dr. Who Banner to complete the look and Justin totally loved the cake surprise!






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