Silhouette Halloween Cookies



Yes… I know it’s December and I’m a bit behind to be posting Halloween cookies during the Christmas season.  Ops, oh well.  Perhaps these techniques can help you out with some Christmas silhouette cookies 🙂

As much as I enjoy using lots of color in my cookie decorating, I sometimes forget how simplistic, minimalist designs can give a really cool vibe too.  I was reminded of that when I made some silhouette cookies for my halloween potluck at work a few months ago.

Thanks to my kopykake projector and a few images from the internet, it made decorating a breeze and I was able to do all the silhouette images in one evening.  No need to wait for icing to dry in between or nothing.

Before decorating, I flooded the cookies with white royal icing the day before and let them dry overnight.

After mixing my black royal icing, I filled my piping bag and used a #2 wilton tip for pretty much all of the cookies.  With the haunted house I switched to a #1 wilton tip to make it easier to do the fence and window lines.

A handy tip I used was for the really fine work (like the hair on the cat, or the feathers of the crow, or the stringiness of the zombie hand, I would use a toothpick (or you can use a scribe tool) while the icing was still wet to drag and manipulate the icing.


Give these a try with any image or silhouette, it’s a fairly easy way to get some bold looking cookies for any occasion in a lot less time than decorating with different colors of icing!






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