Burger Cupcakes and French Fry cookies


What started off as a joke ended up becoming a very, very beautiful reality when I told J that I wanted to spend my birthday eating a smorgasboard of my favorite fast foods.  So, with some friends in tow we did just that, hanging at the mall food court, dining on the finest things that they could offer us.

To stay true to the theme and as thank yous for friends willing to indulge me in my wacky idea, I decided to make each of them some “burgers and fries” takeout for them to take home, as inspired by Bakerella’s post.

I started with the sugar cookies which would become the fries.  I simply rolled the dough flat, then when in with a pizza cutter doing strips of different thicknesses and lengths.


I sprinkled granulated sugar on the sticks before baking them.  Like Bakerella’s post, I spaced my cookies out prior to baking to make sure they didn’t bake into each other and stick.  They baked up great, with the different shades of golden brown mimicking what real fries would look like.



The burgers took a few steps.  I made the cupcake buns first using a regular cupcake pan (not the mini cupcake pan) but I made sure not to fill it up all the way so that they wouldn’t bake up too high and give me tall buns (that sounds weird).  I also used cupcake lines to ensure they wouldn’t stick to the pan.


Once baked and cooled, I peeled off the liners, sliced them cross wise, and sprinkled some sesame seeds on them.


The patties were made out of a baked pan of brownies, using a circle cutter.  The brownie mix usually advises to bake in an 8×8″ pan so that you have the thickness in regular brownies, but for the purposes of making patties (and yielding more brownie), I baked the batter in a 9×13″ pan so they wouldn’t be so thick. IMG_2148

I whipped up some white chocolate buttercream icing which was tinted in red, yellow and green to represent mustard, ketchup and relish (or lettuce, whatever you imagine it to be)

Then, to keep them looking like fast food takeout, I found templates for fries and burger boxes to put the treats in.  I had kraft paper cardstock and printed out the templates on the cardstock, scored, folded, and glued them all up.  K was kind enough to help me in making these boxes (thank youuuu)!


And the packed up treats!IMG_2153


And of course it wouldn’t be *real* take out if it didn’t come in a paper bag.  Some of them even ended up with some “grease spots” from the cookies which was an accidental (but quite a

fun) touch.  IMG_2162Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the “burgers and fries” and who would’ve thought such a great time could be had at a food court?  I wouldn’t be surprised if a part 2 happened in the future!


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