Ombre Bridal Shower Cake


I had the great privilege of making my good friend Joanna’s bridal shower cake.  The theme of the party was high tea, so I wanted to keep the cake simple and well, just make it pretty.

The colors for her shower were coral and seafoam green.   With the help of her bridesmaids, we decided on a two tiered strawberry cake with lemon buttercream icing.  Because of the spread of food that would be available, they opted for a 6″ round tier on the bottom, and a 4″ round tier for the top.  Cute!  The bottom tier would be ombre coral buttercream, and the top tier would be the seafoam green ombre buttercream, with a few little embellishments to finish it off.

I did a quick sketch as to what I thought the finished cake would look like.


I learned of a really pretty flower technique off of Jessica Harris’ Craftsy class, Simply Modern Cake Design, which I thought would be fitting for the style of the shower.  I started out with a Wilton sugar sheet.


Then punched out several 1″ round circles.


Cut a slit half way through, and then use a little gum glue adhesive to overlap the two ends into a cone shape.



After making several cone shapes, you just layer them and build outwards.  As your bloom gets bigger, you can switch to a larger circle shape.  I started using a 1.5″ round circle once my flower got bigger.


The finished flower.


I flatted a small dome-disk of yellow fondant and gumpaste and adhered it to the middle of the flower with gum glue adhesive.  I then used a pointed fondant tool to texture the middle.


Before the flower fully set, I also inserted a toothpick up from the bottom up into the yellow middle of the flower so that it would be easier for me to attach to the cake later on.  I made two of these and set them aside to dry.

I baked up two 6″ round cakes and two 4″ round cakes, leveled them, stacked, and did a crumb coat with buttercream, as I always do.

This time, however, I inserted three bubble tea straws in the middle of the bottom tier in a triangular arrangement to act as a support for the top tier.


I mixed up the lemon buttercream, split them into two bowls, and mixed one bowl up to the coral buttercream, which was applied to the bottom layer.  For the middle layer I added some of the white colored buttercream into the coral buttercream to lighten up the color, and the top layer was covered with just the plain colored buttercream.

I then took a small spatula and lightly dragged it around the cake working from the bottom up to blend the three layers of color together to get that gradient effect.

IMG_1286 And then with a bench scraper I tried my best to smooth it out.


Repeated with the top teal tier (can you say that 3 times fast?)



The two cakes once smoothed.  I also used a white frosting sheet that you can get at Michaels and cut out two circles that were the same size as the two tiers to give the tops a smoother finish.


While I let the cakes set in the fridge, I worked on the pennant topper using two wooden skewers and some scrap booking paper and string I had on hand.


I packed up and transported the parts of the cake to the social room of the condo where her shower was held, which was decorated so beautifully.  Her bridesmaids did a great job planning and finding such great decor!!


And check out that spread!  They also served an assortment of hot and cold teas to guests as well.


I assembled the cake on a cute vintage pedestal that the bridesmaids acquired at a thrift store.


IMG_1362The shower was a great success and the beautiful bride-to-be had a wonderful time with friends and family.  Congratulations again, Joanna, super excited for you and your big day!!



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