Peppa Pig Cookies

IMG_1105I was (happily) commissioned once again to create some birthday treats for Jaslyn’s birthday.  As some of you may recall, I did her fishy cupcakes last year and her little bro’s jungly themed cake earlier this year.

Her theme this year was Peppa Pig, a little oinker who I knew nothing about until my friend asked me to make these for her daughter’s birthday party.

Thanks to my Kopykake projector, it made decorating a whole lot easier.

I mixed all my royal icing colors ahead of time and stored them in different colors.  I made them all to a thicker consistency so I could just spray it with some water if I ever needed to thin it down.

I started with her face, using a #2 wilton tip.


Then switched to a smaller, #1 wilton tip to do her right arm, legs, and curly tail.  Keep the rest of that icing for later, you’ll need it to do her left arm.


After letting the icing dry completely to prevent bleeding, I pipped out her dress back using the #2 tip.


I then switched back to a #1 tip to do the wand stick, the shoes, her wings, and the base of her crown.  Yeah, this was the Peppa Pig fairy version.


When that dried, I used a #1 tip to do the star on her wand, as well as her princess crown.

Also take that light pink icing and do her left arm now that her dress has completely dried.


Once the crown dried, I used a #1 tip to do the blue dots, and used the same color as her dress to do the red dot, as well as her smile.


Then I went in with my brushes and painted on the facial detail, including the outline of Peppa’s face, her nose, and some of the blush on her cheeks.  I also went in with some white royal icing and partly filled out the wings to make them pop a bit.


And the finished cookies.




Happy birthday, Jaslyn!



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