Miniature Dessert Cupcake Toppers


My dear friend Kathy recently celebrated her 30th birthday for the third time (you can do the math).  A small group of us went out to celebrate with AYCE sushi brunch at Sushi Sugoi, which was a great time.  Since it was a small gathering, I didn’t want to make a huge cake with lots of leftovers, so I decided to make a small batch of cupcakes and prettify them with some cute toppers.

I always wanted to have a go at making miniature foods to dress up cupcakes or other things.  I LOVE food and I’m typically a fan of food when it comes in humongous quantities, however there’s something adorable about seeing tiny, small scale pastries or bowls of ramen made out of fondant (or polymer clay for those that make them as charms or display) that you can balance on your finger.  Can we say “kawaii”?

I decided to keep with the dessert theme and do a few different types of sweet edibles, like a macaron, cake slices, a chocolate swiss roll, and neopolitan ice cream sandwiches (which were really something I came up with on the fly since I had fondant scraps leftover).

I started with the macarons.  I knew I wanted to include macaron fondant toppers since me and my friend had a mad obsession trying to perfect the macaron last Christmas.  I rolled some fondant that I tinted with pink food gel to just a little more than 1/8″ thickness, using my Wilton 9″ rolling pin with the slide on thickness guide rings.

Once rolled I used the mini circle cutter to cut out two discs.

I then used a sharp toothpick (or anything that’s needle point shaped) and poked a bunch of holes at the bottom half of each disc to mimic the macaron feet.


Then, I rolled out some white fondant to a 1/16″ thickness and used the same circle cutter to cut out what

would be the macaron filling, and then simply assembled them together.


Mini macaron!  I made several of these, I think 4.


I then decided to use the rest of my pink fondant to make an ombre layer cake, which kind of reminds me of the pink ombre cake I made for Kathy a few birthdays ago.

I rolled out even balls of fondant, graduating each ball a slightly lighter pink than the one before.


and then I rolled out the four pink balls each to just over a 1/16″ inch thickness, and stacked them alternating them with the white fondant rolled out slightly thinner to represent the icing layers.


I then rolled another disc of white fondant for the top of the cake, and then cut out a rectangular shape of fondant that was the diameter and height of the mini cake.  I didn’t care too much about the seam becuase I would be covering the top.


I then put the remaining bit of pink fondant left into my extruder and piped out a roper border which I coiled and put on top of the cake to be like the icing.


Once the cake was done and I made sure all the layers were adhering to each other, I had the joy of using my blade to cut into my cake to see all the layers inside.


Next, I decided to do a chocolate swiss roll.  I rolled a sheet of white fondant and brown tinted fondant each to a 1/16″ thickness and cut them to the same sized rectangle, and stacked them on top of each other.


And then rolled it up!  I trimmed off the two ends to get rid of the uneven bits.


Lastly, with my leftover brown, white, and pink fondant, I thought I’d make up some simple neapolitan ice cream sandwiches.  Again rolling out the brown, white, and pink fondant to the same thickness and stacking them on top of each other like I did with the swiss roll, I cut them to small rectangles.  I then used a pointed fondant tool to make the holes on the cookie.


To dress up the miniature foods I had just made, I figured they would look better on some mini plates, so I rolled some fondant to 1/16″ thickness and used the wide end of a large piping tip to cut out circles.  I used a fondant baller tool to form the inner recessed circle of the plate, and used another fondant tool to pinch the edges all around the plate.

I jazzed up the cake slices a bit by mixing up a stiff royal icing and using the wide end of a flat toothpick, spread the icing on the exterior of the cake slices to make the outside of the cake look like it was covered in buttercream.


With the swiss roll, I cut off a couple slices of the swiss roll and plated them in various ways of the log.  I used the same stiff royal icing at the top to give the appearance of whipped cream and added a few balls of pink fondant poked with holes to resemble strawberries (or any other kind of pink fruit I guess).


The macarons were simply placed on a plate, stacked on top of each other.  I took one of the neopolitan ice cream sandwiches and placed it with the 4th macaron, and you can see at that point how out of scale my macarons were relative to the other treats 🙂  Or we can just say it ‘s a giant macaron cake.


The rest of the ice cream sandwiches were stacked on top of each other.  With all of these treats and plating, I used stiff royal icing as the “glue” and they held up very well.


I think these look so adorable together.



I put these toppers on some taro flavored cupcakes I had made, some of them with taro icing, some of them with chocolate icing.  The one with the 3-2 was her official birthday cupcake, and was so delighted with the mini macarons on them.

photo 2

photo 1

Enjoy, and good luck trying these out!

photo 4


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