Great Eats and Sweets in Montreal 2012!

If you’re wondering what’s up with my foodie flashbacks, I had a bit of a realization that I had been so wrapped up in sharing about fun things I baked, that I stopped sharing about great things I ate.  So here’s me making up for some lost time, sharing some of my food highlights from me and J’s Montreal honeymoon!


We hit up Schwartz’s as soon as we landed in Montreal.  I really don’t know what to say other than “GO.”  It was probably one of my favorite places during our time there, and I absolutely loved the vibe of the place: super casual, noisy, and me and Justin eating along the counter watching the cooks serving up the food and them tossing things our way whenever we asked.

Just, go.


The best window display *I’ve* ever seen.
No shortage of food: a plate of smoked meat, a smoked meat sandwich, a stack of bread, which seems to be standard with every order. We also dug into some coleslaw and house made fries (not shown). Sigh.

 Juliette & Chocolat

Nearby Schwartz was a place I googled that was suppose to have some good desserts, so we walked off some of our meat sweats, and headed to Juliette & Chocolat for some delectable desserts.  The vibe was perfect, cozy, chill, a different but welcoming vibe from Schwartz’s.  I was really into their various drinking chocolates and made sure to order one!


A snapshot of their delightful display of treats.
My dark drinking chocolate. Mmm…
Passionfruit pot du creme
Strawberry and banana crepe

Fairmount Bagel

Again, after another googled search, we hit up Fairmount Bagel for breakfast on our way to the Jean-Talon market.  Located in a quiet area within a residential setting, it’s very very small inside; the place where you pick up bagels to go.  They do however, have a small menu of different cream cheeses and smoked salmon which they can prepare for you.  So we did that and ate on the bench outside with the company of some pigeons looking to pick up any fallen bagel crumbs.  44415_10151142840176560_876845510_n


One of our fresh toasted bagels with salmon and cream cheese.

La Banquise

After a great afternoon at the farmers market we decided to stop at La Banquise for a “light” mid afternoon snack of poutine.  We ordered two two share: the La Galvaude, which was chicken and green peas (we thought it’d be different), and the La T-Rex, which had ground beef, pepperoni, bacon & hot-dog sausages.  YUM!



 Maison du Macaron (now called A La Folie Patisserie)

And just a little ways down from La Banquise was the Maison du Macaron, a bright white, simple, and clean cheery cafe with a huge assortment of macaron flavors.  We decided to get 6 to share, as well as a giant iced macaron, filled with house made raspberry sorbet!




Our 6 assorted macarons.
Our fancy ice cream sandwich macaron with raspberry sorbet


Au Pied de Cochon

We had a 9:30 pm reservation to Au Pied de Cochon that night, it was the only time we could get in (but that’s okay, we wandered some nearby shops and I found two dresses for a steal of a deal.)  Believe me, this food was worth the wait, and the vibe is super hip.  It was a warm night, and they had their garage style doors wide open for neighborhood passerbys to look (and smell) what was going on in the restaurant.

Baked mushroom tartlet with a bunch of different mushrooms.
Fois Gras on top of a baked apple slices. So rich and decadent. The apple/fois gras combo was so good!
Duck covered in this amazing broth of various types of mushrooms.

 Olive + Gourmando

Olive + Gourmando was one of those walk by places that looked so happenin’ that we had to go inside.  We were staying at the Hotel Nelligan in Old Montreal and this place was nearby.  We popped in for some great pastries and a mid afternoon coffee.  With their assortment, it really was hard to just pick a couple.



Check out that spread!!


Le Gros Jambon

Another little diner close to our hotel, we popped in for breakfast also at the recommendation of Google.  I’ll be honest, I thought my breakfast was just alright, but what kept me coming back literally every morning after that (no jokes), was their ridiculous delicious chocolate chunk cookies by their front window.

Sweet counter.

They were so good that I bought 3 right before we flew back home so I could have a little something to enjoy back home.  I swear there’s something in them, they were so addicting!!


Cacao 70

Being a big fan (and also being deprived) of chocolate focused cafes, I knew I had to squeeze in another chocolate stop in Montreal.  That takes us to Cacao 70, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a coco fix!  The inside is fun to see, with their wide display of various chocolate nibs and chips from all over the world.



My frozen hot chocolate. I loved how it was hot on the bottom and was cold on top.
J’s drink (unfortunately I can’t remember what it was, but it was really good too).
We went for the sharing assorted platter for 2: 1/4 of their triple chocolate pizza, a banana split waffle, chocolate covered ice cream, and warm chocolate sauce, and chocolate fondue with various treats and fruit for dipping in, as well as a grill to roast our marshmallows. HOHHHH.

 Beavertails Pastry

The perfect way to end off our last night of our trip was wandering the port of Montreal, and stopping in for some beavertails.  (Think elephant ear, but longer, and better cause there’s toppings!)  This place was buzzing with a long line up of people awaiting their beavertails and beverages, but me and Justin were able to nab a table in the corner to finish off our trip in Montreal.


We loved our low maintenance honeymoon trip of feeling like we were going someplace far away, without having to bother with passports, currency exchange, and a long plane ride.  It was perfect for what we wanted, and we just had a ball eating our way through the city as a newlyweds!


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