Great Eats and Sweets in Vegas 2013!

Better late than never, right?  And for the fact that I just plain forgot.

We went to Vegas in September 2013 for my bestie’s wedding (wut wut) and had such a great time celebrating her marriage, me and J’s first wedding anniversary, catching some great shows, and EATING.  Yes.  Eating.  I love taking pictures of my food, and I love looking at other people’s food pictures.  So here were some of my highlights.

Bacchanal Buffet @ Caesar’s Palace

This was our first food stop right when we landed.  We had heard great things about the buffet, and absolutely loved it.  The cherry on our pie?  We went there right when the service switched from lunch to dinner, expecting a big line up, but it was so dead that we were able to go in at the lunch price and pretty much eat for dinner.  SCORE!

The buffet selection extends forever, even far back to a corner that I’m pretty sure I would’ve missed if I hadn’t followed the line of food all the way around the restaurant.  We sat right by the dessert island, which was probably my favorite part of the whole place (surprise, surprise).

Assorted cold seafood, crab legs, mussels, shrimp, oysters, etc
Don’t order a beverage! Lots included in the buffet!
Chinese station. Impressed that they had some authentic dim sum items.
Assorted sushi/rolls
This guy was my bff, the cuts of meat available were SO GOOD. The rack of lamb was awesome!
Also ramen and pho noodle stations for your liking.


Made to order crepe station, with a bunch of different toppings and fillings


Mochi ice cream! Impressed.



Some of my choices: coconut ice cream, chocolate creme brulee, chocolate macaron, and chocolate lava cake…one of these things is not like the other.
My chocolate crepe. I threw in some berries for health.
Made to order banana and chocolate souffles!

Cronut at the New York Hotel

I learned about the cronut from my dear friend in NYC doing her grad school in there (who stood in line for hours for one), so when I happened to come across one in the New York Hotel, I just had to give it a try.  I knew it probably wouldn’t be the same as the original in NYC, but what the heck?  It was pretty good, though probably not as melt in your mouth as the NYC one but it gave me a good idea of the flakyness and layers of pastries through the donut.


Gordon Ramsay Steak @ Paris Hotel

Me and J treated ourselves to a fantastic meal at Gordon Ramsay Steak for our 1 year annivesary, followed by a late show of “Le Reve” at the Wynn.  By far the most expensive meal we had, but SO worth it (in our opinion, anyways).  We didn’t get to see any of the famous chefs we were hoping to see, but the great food made up for all that anyways 😛


Smoked Beef Tartare: lemon zest, red onion, capers, white anchovy aïoli, cured egg yolks, yukon gold herb chips (not shown in the picture)
We each had the 24oz Bone-in Rib Eye, along with 3 sides: Demi Roasted Bone Marrow, Spinach gratinéed with Parmesan cream, and fingerling potatoes with truffle and Parmesan.  All finished.
After dinner french press coffee, with 3 chocolate spoons (white, milk, dark), each filled with different liqueurs you can stir into your coffee. I stirred in all three. No shame.
Sticky Toffee Pudding: sweet pudding cake, brown sugar toffee, brown butter ice cream.  No exaggeration when I say I wish I could go back in time and eat that all over again.  It was so moist and rich!

Bouchon @ The Venetian

Me and J stayed at the Venetian, as it was close to the Wynn where the wedding was to be held, and also where my bride friend was staying.   On the morning of her wedding, we joined her and her family for breakfast at the Bouchon Bistro.  I was excited for it as I’ve only experienced delightful offerings from Bouchon bakery, but never the restaurant.  Although my french toast looked small, it really filled me up (must be all them sugar and carbs), and I loved it.  I’m a sweets person for breakfast (and any other meal), so this really hit the spot.

My choice: Bouchon French Toast: bread pudding style with warm layers of brioche, custard & apples served with maple syrup
J’s choice: Corned Beef Hash: corned beef hash served with two eggs over easy.


 Maggiano’s @ Fashion Show Mall

One of the best things about having a small wedding (like my friend did), is that you can have it in delicious restuarants with a few tables of your family and guests.  That’s exactly what she did, and the wedding dinner was held in Maggiano’s Little Italy in the Fashion Show Mall, in one of their private rooms.  My only complaint for that meal was that my dress wasn’t stretchy to accompany my stretching stomach wanting to harbor all the food.  The meal was so good from beginning to end and the desserts was GREAT.  I believe they ordered one of the family style dinner feasts where you pick a certain number of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and this is what they picked (good choices, guys):


main courses

 Max Brenner @ Forum Shops

After an entire day at the outlets, we met up with our newly wed friends and some newly made friends at Max Brenner in the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops.  I tried to hit up Max Brenner when I was in NYC a few years back but didn’t make it, so I was determined to make it that time around.  Their menu is my dream, with a ridiculous offering of chocolatey desserts, treats, and beverages.  Chocolate is the key ingredient here, and I’m totally fine with that.


Such fun, vibrant menus!
My beverage, the Choco-pop: hot chocolate topped with crunchy chocolate wafer balls.  Loved it, and loved the “hug mug” that it comes in.  Loved it so much I bought a mug and saucer for myself to take home.
My O.M.G Chocolate Chunk Cookie: house baked dark chocolate chunk cookie. served with whipped cream, red berries, & pure melted chocolate.
The Fantastic I-Scream Bar Fondue: vanilla ice cream popsicle, pure melted chocolate, Choco-pops and candied hazelnut crunchy bits.
Banana Hazelnut Crêpe: chocolate hazelnut spread, sliced bananas, chocolate chunks and chopped hazelnuts. served with milk chocolate ganache, Choco-pops and dulce de leche ice cream.
Caramel, milk, and white chocolate fondue, with their own fire to roast their marshmallows, and a smorgasbord of things to fondue, including cookies, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas.
What the receipt came in (how sweet)

All in all, a great trip, and I would highly recommend checking out any of these places, if you’re looking for a good food spot (or treat).  Cheers!



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