Fun Desserts and Savories to be had at Rge Rd

I finally had the awesome chance to try out Rge Rd with a couple friends and I have to say its now on my top 5 list of local eats (I would put it as a close second to my Corso 32 obsession). Their dishes had amazing flavours and their desserts were pretty fun. I mean how often can you find pop rocks as part of your dessert?


To start, we shared the gouda and potato perogy appetizer, as well as the kitchen board. I would HIGHLY recommend both to anyone.

The Kitchen Board.

Honestly, I’m not gonna bother saying much else and just let the rest of the pics speak for themselves.

For the entrees, J had the duck breast, while I had the pig roast. Phenoms.

J’s duck entree.
My pork entree.

And of course dessert. I think they change up their desserts like they do with the rest of their menu, but that night we ordered the following: butterscotch pudding with pop rocks throughout, topped with house made granola, and their version of the s’mores. Both were awesome, though my weak spot is more inclined to favor anything that’s got chocolate.

Pop rocks butterscotch pudding,

I cannot wait to return again and try the other offerings on their menu, and so should you, so get your butt in the car and drive over to Rge Rd. Pun intended.

Rge Rd
10643 – 123 Street


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