Simple Flower Cupcakes


So how does that saying go? “April showers bring May flowers?”

Well first of all, I haven’t seen showers lately, more like snow…so I’m not sure how applicable this statement is.  That, however, did not stop me from bringing in some surprise flower cupcakes for a colleague of mine who was retiring.


I made my buttercream and separated them so that I could mix up 2 different colors.

I made the first half an orange-peach color.


I made two flower types, conveniently achieved by using the same piping tip and changing the way I used it.

Centering my cupcake right in the middle of my turntable, I filled my piping bag with the buttercream, attached a wilton #104  tip to it, with the narrower, pointed end of the tip facing the middle of the cupcake, and with the wider, rounded part of the tip facing the outer edge of the cupcake.


I piped a petal using a “rainbow” shaped motion with my wrist to get the petal look, and repeated all the way around for the first layer.20140401-234552.jpg

I then went and did another round of petals over top the first layer, making sure to offset the top layer of petals from the bottom layer, and added some yellow sugar crystals to the center to finish it off.

Positioning the piping tip this way pipes out for fatter, thicker petals.


With the purple flowers, I took the same shaped tip, and filled another bag with a purple buttercream, and this time pointed the tip in the opposite way I did for the peach flowers, still doing the same rainbow shaped motion with my wrist as I went around the cupcake.

So this time, the narrow part of the tip was facing the outer edge, and the curved wider part of the tip was facing the middle, which gave me a more pinched/frillier looking petal.  I put a white sugar confetti dot for the center.






I ended up with two dozen flowers, a dozen of each color, and my colleague loved them, taking some extras for home.

My husband knows I’ve never been much of a flowers gal, but I’d definitely be thrilled if I received a bouquet of these, for the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” runs true for me too!




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