Mini Rose 1st Birthday Cake Smash


If you recall from my first time I made the rosette cake, I was doing it as a trial run for the birthday cake that my good friend Lindi wanted me to do for her daughter’s (Evalie) 1st birthday cake smash.  Well the time had finally come!

Because little Evalie was just turning 1, Lindi wanted Evalie to have a smaller cake more suitable to her size, so requested a 4″ round cake.  Cute!  By far the littlest cake I’ve ever made!

So I baked up the cakes and leveled them so I got 4 equal layers.


After preparing my raspberry buttercream, I spread some icing on the cake board before I started stacking the layers so that the cake would stay in place.


I prepared a raspberry buttercream, measuring out 1/4 cup of buttercream for each layer so that they would be consistent once cut smashed into.  Repeat for all layers.




I then went ahead and did a coat of icing all around the cake, starting from the bottom, and building my way up the cake.

Note: I normally do a crumb coat first, then do a second layer of icing, but because my second coat of icing was going to be the piped roses, I just did a thicker coat of icing on my first round, just enough to ensure that no cake would show through when I piped the roses.



And then I took my beloved bench scraper tool, and smoothed out the cake so I ended up with a decently smooth finish.



And away with the roses.  using the same 1M wilton tip as in my first rose cake, I piped the roses working from the bottom to the top, row by row.  I tried to also offset the roses on each row, kind of like when you lay down bricks.


I finished off the cake by piping the roses on the top of the cake, piping a ring of roses on the outermost edge, and working my way to the center.



Lindi had also requested a few accent flowers at the bottom of the cake, so I made a few ahead of time with gumpaste dyed in the same pink used for the buttercream, that way I could make a more realistic type of rose than if I piped one with the same buttercream.  With the larger rose on the right, I also went in with a bit of pink petal dust once it fully dried, to add a bit of depth inside the petals.



Unfortunately, I was called away to a conference so I had to miss out on the birthday festivities, and so had to send husband J to bravely carry the cake safely to the party.  Suffice it to say there was a very lengthy “pep” talk from my end to NOT drop the cake on the way there.

However, I was able to facetime in from my iphone at the hotel and got to participate in some of the cake smashing, and Lindi sent me some great pictures which I had to share!

She made an adorable banner with Evalie’s name to top the cake with.


And sent some pics of Evalie (sans clothing, which is probably a good call from mom and dad) testing the icing.


She seems to eat cake the same way I do.


Happy birthday Evalie, and I hope you enjoyed your cake (or what of it that was able to get into your mouth)!



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  1. Brittany says:

    how did you get the cake into 4″ rounds. Did you cut from a 9×13 cake with biscuit cutter or did you have 4″ pans, or another method? Thanks!

    1. Hi there Brittany, I have a 4″ round pan, I got mine at Michaels! 🙂 Otherwise you can also do what you suggest, and bake a larger round cake and cut out out with a 4″ round circle template or something similar! Good luck!

  2. Belindq says:

    Hey, just to let you know I have featured your work at

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