Baby Boy Shower Cookies


Boy, oh boy, did I ever have a fun time making these adorable cookies for a boy baby shower!

Inspiration came from the baby shower invitations which featured this adorable grey and blue elephant holding a balloon, and I carried on that inspiration by making coordinating cookies chevron patterned “baby” cookies, also pulling the same font used in the invitations.

After icing all of the cookies with white royal icing and letting it dry, I did the first step by doing the outlining and filling of the elephant shape and the chevron pattern.

For both the elephant and the zig zags, I used a #2 wilton tip for both outlining and filling.


I used an icing consistency that was thick enough to do the outline and also fill at the same time.  For a good post about this consistency of icing, refer to Sugarbelle’s great post on twenty-second icing.  However the consistency I happened to use was about a 10 second icing.  I like it being a bit more fluid, I find it easier to smooth out.


After outlining the cookie, I immediately “scribbled” in a bunch more of the same icing, and used a toothpick to spread the icing around and smooth out the shape (and to also rid of any mini air bubbles)



After letting it completely dry I went in with blue icing of the same consistency, and did the elephant’s ear and the balloon.  Again, I used the #2 wilton tip.


Once the icing dried, I went in with the black icing of a thinner consistency (maybe about 5 second consistency) and did the elephant’s eye and the balloon string.  Because of the thinness of the string, I used my PME 00 tip, and it’s also why I used a much thinner consistency of icing.


And to give the cookies a finished look, I lightened up the grey icing from the elephant with some additional white icing, and piped a little bead border with the #2 wilton tip.  This icing was quite stiff because I needed it to hold it’s bead shape.  If you were to drag a butter knife through the bowl the icing was in, the dragged line would stay.


As for the chevron cookies, I went in with the same blue icing I saved from the elephant’s ear and balloon, thinned it down to a 5 second icing (like the black icing I used for the elephant’s eye and balloon string) , and did the word “baby.”  For this one I used a PME 0 tip, which with the naked eye, is almost identical to the 00 tip.


And the finished cookies.


I made a dozen of each.  I ended up making a few extra of each just in case.


Looks like the shower was a hit, and I was sent a picture of the cookies on display (and you can see a bit of the invitation to the left as well)  Congratulations to you two on your upcoming bundle of joy!



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