Making the Jacque Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie


I love cookies.  Like, LOVE cookies.  Love making them, baking them, and especially eating them.  And though I’ve made lots of different types of cookies over the years, nothing will ever beat the chocolate chip cookie, and more often than not, I will usually pick a warm, giant, gooey, chocolate chip cookie over a spread of other desserts.

Not that long ago had a chance to devour a couple straight-outta-New-York cookies from the Levain Bakery, and apparently there’s a bit of an informal debate out in our world about the cookies from Levain Bakery vs Jacque Torres’ cookies.  Which is better?  Since I didn’t get a chance to eat any of Jacque Torres’ cookies, I figured I would make my own, thanks to the recipe Mr. Torres himself provided.

Yes, I am aware I can’t do a legit comparison since it’s not ACTUALLY his cookie from his shop, but I figured it’d give me an idea.  I’ve seen the recipe floating around for quite some time and figured it was time to see what it was all about.

And really, why do I need to justify anymore reason to make giant chocolate chip cookies?

I had to go out and buy the cake flour the recipe called for.  Up till now I’ve only really used all purpose flour, but I didn’t want to take my chances.  I’ll confess, though, but instead of the bread flour the recipe called for, I used my all purpose flour for that bit.

For the chocolate, I had trouble getting my hands on the pure dark chocolate discs.  The only thing I could find that were disc shaped were those chocolate dipping wafers which dont’ really have a lot of actual cocoa content.  I decided instead to use the Bakers semi sweet baking squares and chopped them up into various sized chunks.



Ingredients measured out.
Ingredients measured out.

The instructions are pretty simple to follow, make the batter:


Stir in the chips:


And refrigerate the dough for 24-72 hours.  I let my dough rest for 48 hours, because I wasn’t able to make them the following day.

The recipe calls to scoop out 3.5 ounce dough balls onto the baking sheets, however I wanted to make them a tad smaller, and made 2.5 ounce balls and baked them at 350 for a shorter period of time.

Remember to space them well so that they don’t crash each into each other when they flatten out. For aesthetic purposes, I also like to have the really big chocolate chunks at the top of the ball so that you see them nicely in the baked cookie.


Look at that…


I absolutely love this cookie, and it’s probably my new favorite chocolate chip recipe.  I love the amount of chocolate packed into this cookie, and it keeps it’s chewy consistency days later (though personally, I like to microwave it until it gets all warm and almost-falls-apart-in-your-hands gooey again)


As for the Levain vs Jacque Torres debate…

Can I just cop out and say “we’re all winners?”


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