Heart Shaped Macarons


After putting myself on hiatus after my ridiculous macaron making frenzy last Christmas, I decided to give it another go in time for Valentines day, this time making heart shaped macarons.

As mentioned in my past post, I’m all about using the Italian method for making macarons:

1-7-2014 12-15-30 PM

And away we go.  Because I did a comprehensive post on making macarons already, I won’t repeat myself too much here, but you can refer to that post for a lot of useful tips I use whenever making macarons.

I first sifted my almond flour and icing sugar:


Then after that, I got the sugar syrup going.  When it hits around the 100 degree mark, I start whipping up my egg whites to soft peaks.


As soon as it hits 118 degrees, I immediately remove the sugar syrup from the heating element, and pour a thin stream of the syrup into my mixer.  When you are pouring in the sugar syrup, your egg whites should already be kind of stiff with soft peaks.  Also make sure your mixer is on high so that it quickly incorporates the sugar syrup in to the meringue.

Once the outside of the bowl just hits warm to the touch (about 50 degrees) stop mixing!  It should have a consistency about this:


Put the meringue aside, and mix together your already sifted ground almond and icing sugar mixture with the egg whites until you get a pasty consistency.



Then, put about 1/3 of your meringue into the almond flour mixture, and mix it together.  Don’t worry too much about macronaging at this point, it’d be too stiff to anyways.


Once it’s all incorporated, add in the next 1/3 of meringue, and start folding carefully.  When that is almost incorporated, feel free to add in the remaining meringue left in the bowl.  At this point it’s also a good idea to add in any food coloring you may want.  If you wait till later you may risk over folding your batter.

You know you’ve got the right consistency when it ribbons off your spatula in a nice thick stream:



Then you fill up your pastry bag and pipe out the little hearts.  Tap out the air bubbles and let it sit for at least 20 minutes.  IMG_8218

And into the oven they go.

And hopefully, if they’ve been done right, they should puff up nicely with some ruffly feet at the bottom.  IMG_8221

When they’ve cooled, you can fill them as you wish.  I wanted the contrast of a white buttercream in the middle, so that you could see the pink-white-pink combination from the outside, but I still wanted it to have some flavor.  So I decided to pipe a vanilla buttercream border around the macaron, and added a dollop of strawberry and raspberry jam in the centre.


And there you have it, ready to serve or package up for your friends and family!

Or you could just eat them yourself.  You deserve it.



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