Creating a Stone Background for Cookies

When decorating cookies for that “chalkboard” effect, I typically decorate them on a dark grey/black cookie background.  However the other day I came across a really easy way to create a stone background, which I thought added an extra element of sophistication.


While in the middle of making my dark grey icing, I looked at the bowl and thought “hm, what would it look like if I slopped that icing on my cookie right now?”


So I did.  And on top of that, I added an additional dab of white coloring to make sure I had some really distinct streaks of white.


Then all you simply do is take a little decorating spatula like this:


and really loosely spread it around, but not too much that you end up blending all the different streaks.


Then take that same spatula and drag the icing in one direction:


And then drag it back in the opposite direction, and keep doing so until the icing smooths out like this:



Let that fully dry and decorate as you wish.  On top of being a big baker, I also love other types of crafting, so I used a Stampin’ Up! stamp image as my model for this cookie.

This cookie will be making it’s way to my friend for her birthday, a fitting statement for her!  Have a happy Friday!



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