Sugar Skull Cookies

When Christina approached me with the request of making some sugar skull cookies for her 21st birthday that she could send to her guests as favors, I thought it was such a nice idea and was only too happy to oblige!  We both thought these buttons on the Amalthea’s Attic website were absolutely adorable and thought they would be really cute as cookies!

To reduce the amount of black icing on the cookie (and thus reduce the all to common “black-lips-when-eating-cookies-with-black-icing” syndrome), I learned this little trick of just putting the black where it was needed. Makes sense, right? What’s the point of putting on all the black that no one will see?

I started by putting black on the areas of the cookie where the black would be visible.  I know, looks gross right?  I guess these alone would be good for creepy weird horror movie cookies.  They kinda remind me of the illustrations from “Scary Stories” that I used to read as a kid.  But don’t worry, it gets better.


Then I piped and flooded the white base for the skulls.  I found after piping in the white, I needed to go back and add a bit more black to some of the areas that I missed (in this case, the border on the right side of the cookie below.)


And finished off the skulls by decorating half of the sugar skulls in pink, and the other half in blue.


And here you have a part of the sugar skull dozen!  Happy birthday Christina, I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!



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