Kirby and Samus Cookies

One of my most useful cookie cutters is the giant round cutter, and I had a chance to use it for some Kirby and Samus logo cookies a friend of mine ordered for his brother’s surprise birthday party. Kirby cookies are pretty simple, but Samus took a bit longer…

I prepped my royal icing, tinted Kirby pink:

Icing ready to be flooded onto the cookie.
Icing ready to be flooded onto the cookie.


After letting it dry a little bit, I went in and did Kirby’s facial features. Here we have a grumpy Kirby in the making:


While the icing was still wet, I piped in the whites for his eyes.


Repeat 11 more times and then you got your Kirby dozen. I played around with a few different expressions but tried to keep the mostly happy (it was for a birthday, after all)


I let those dry thoroughly for two days, and finished them up with some food coloring diluted with water so I could do the blush on his cheeks, and also to add a bit more depth to his face.


Samus started out the same way:


I wanted to maintain the complexity of the logo that my friend had provided me with and so decided to do the rest of the decorating using brushes and food coloring. After the cookies thoroughly dried, I etched out the image of the Samus logo.


Then went in and painted the various sections with food coloring gels mixed with water. I know it looks messy now, but it comes together once you get a chance to outline it the various sections.


And outlined, with the finishing bolts:


And the completed cookies:


I had an extra cookie leftover (incase one of them broke), but I lucked out this time. Hating to see a cookie go to waste, I decided to make a special one for the birthday dude:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON! Hope you enjoyed your surprise!


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