I (Heart) NY…

…But I didn’t heart that it was taking a dear friend of mine away for 2-3 years for grad school.  (sad face)

We threw her a surprise going away party at Yanni’s, so as to beat her to her own party she had planned with the same group of people for the following day, and boy was she ever surprised.

Like me, she’s a huge fan of peanut butter, but she always gave me static about never doing any peanut butter baking for her.

So I gave her exactly that and made PB cupcakes with PB frosting, and decided to make some top it off with some chocolate curls.

Is that enough PB for you?

Considering that it was my first time making both a PB cupcake and PB batter, it turned out really moist and rich, but maybe that extra forgiveness was in there because the majority of the ingredients was PB and you really can’t go wrong with that.

So the cupcakes were enjoyed, goodbyes were said, and my husband and I also got to debut our duet as a bellydancing couple.

Don’t ask.


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