Mini fish cupcakes

Sorry, I should probably clarify, I meant to say that I made fish themed cupcakes. Although in my culture, I’m pretty sure cupcakes made of fish wouldn’t be that far of a stretch.

Moving on.

My friends daughter, Jaslyn, recently turned 2, and I was there not only to celebrate in the festivities, but to bring a cupcake order that mommy Becca had requested from me.

I didn’t have much to go on, and I had asked Becca if there was a theme or anything I could do with it, and she said that Jaslyn liked fish. Alrighty then. I decided to make little cupcakes decorated with cute little goldfishes swimming on top.

Starting with the goldfish, I began by mixing up a batch of royal icing tinted with orange and using a larger round tip, I piped out the body, fins and tail. After letting it harden a bit, I used a smaller round tip to pipe the little fin on its back.

Once it REALLY dried, I then went in and piped little white dots for their googly eyes.

And once it really REALLY dried, I used some food coloring to paint in the pupils, as well as some orange coloring on the fins and tail. And you wind up with a little somethin’ like this:

One fish.
One fish.

I kept the cupcakes simple by making a vanilla cake bottom, kept in it’s natural color since I thought it could resemble sand, and I whipped up a vanilla buttercream icing tinted blue for the water.


I piped the blue buttercream so that it resembled waves in the water, and then plunked the little goldfishes on top. And nothin’ wrong with adding a little dragee to resemble bubbles, or pearls, or whatever your imagination desires.


And the whole school of them, ready to go.


Fat ones, little ones, long ones, short ones.
“So, you come here often?”

The cupcakes fit in nicely with the fish themed party and Nemo decorations. And it looks as though the birthday girl enjoyed them too 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU CUTIE!


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