1st Birthday Cake Smash!!

Thorsten and I recently got to celebrate a couple of “firsts” together.  He was turning 1, and as a result, I had the joy of doing my own 1st ever cake smash cake order for him.  Who’s Thorsten, you ask?  Well, you know, he’s this little guy below:


I know, right?  SO CUTE.

For color inspiration, Erica (also known as “mommy” to Thorsten) sent me a picture of what he would be destroying wearing  during his cake smash shoot:

How cute is this?
How cute is this?

To tie in the colors, we decided on a 6″ round, 4 layer vanilla cake with a light blue butter cream frosting, piped with varying sizes of butter cream dots in different shades of blue  and green, finished with a bright red “1” topper.

I baked the cakes a day before icing them to ensure they would be thoroughly cooled.  For this cake, I baked two 6″ cakes, and when cooled, I sliced off the cake tops that rose above the brim of the cake pan and ate those up.  You know, quality control.

Baked cakes with the ‘cake tops” sliced off.

I then sliced the cakes into halves lengthwise to give myself 4 equal layers.


I placed one of the layers on an 8″ round cake board, then placed it on my spinning cake stand.  A couple tricks I like to do is put a dab of icing between the cake board and the bottom layer to “glue” my cake to the cake board so it wont shift.  I also learned the trick of putting a damp paper towel between the bottom of my cake board and the rotating cake stand to also prevent any shifting or sliding as I spun it around.

I mean, as much as I would encourage Thorsten to hurl chunks of my cake on the wall, I wasn’t quite ready to do it myself.

And away we go!  I made my butter cream fairly thin to allow for easier spreading with the spatula.  I typically just put a big dollop of icing in the middle and work my way out.

Here's layer 1.
Here’s layer 1.


The way I stacked my 4 sliced cake layers was that I used my two “bottom” layers for the top tier and most bottom tier of this 4 tiered cake, that way I had the flattest surfaces  flanking both ends.  The “top” layers of the cake that were a little more uneven, (due to me slicing off the cake tops), were used for the two middle tiers because those wouldn’t matter so much.

You can see in the picture below how the top tier of the cake was one of the bottom baked layers so it’d be nice and flat for when I iced it all around.   I also had it “brown side out” so that there would be less crumbs to deal with.

Here you can see the damp paper towel that I’m using to secure my cake and board in place.

I went on to do a crumb coat, a nice thin layer of icing to trap in any stray crumbs that would come out as I did this first layer of icing.


After the crumb coat, I put the cake in the fridge for about 20 minutes to give the icing a chance to harden.  Once that was done, I took it out of the fridge and put on my second, thicker layer of butter cream all around.  Icing it this time around should be easier because you’ve already trapped in all the crumbs with the first coat.

The giant dollop of icing ready to be spread, now that the crumb coat has hardened.
The giant dollop of icing ready to be spread, now that the crumb coat has hardened.

Second layer done.


And I guess somewhere between this and the finished product, I must’ve gotten into my zone, because before I knew it, I was done, without any pictures to document (oops.)  To summarize, I went in with different sized round piping tips and just tinted the existing blue butter cream I had to different darker shades of blue to decorate the cake with dots.  Once finished I decided to do a little bit of a blue-green border of little dots all around, with a card stock “1” cake topper to well, top it all off.


I was able to keep the cake in my fridge for about a week and delivered it to Erica the day before Thorsten’s party.  I was so excited the following week, when I received a slew of pictures of Thorsten enjoying the cake!

Erica did a pretty sweet set up in the yard.


Thorsten just getting into his cake.


“CAAAAKE!!”  The inner sugar rush seems to emerge.  This could be the beginning of the end.

t 3

And before you know it:



Don’t forget the feet:


Needless to say, I had a giant grin on my face as I went through the pictures and it made me feel all the more thrilled that I was able to make this cake for his special first birthday!

And as for Thorsten?


Yeah, I’d call him a satisfied customer.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    What an awesome documentary of Thorsten’s first birthday! The cake was perfect – just ask Thorsten!

    1. Thank you, I had a great time making it!

  2. Erica says:

    Awesome!! Thank you for making such an awesome cake!

    1. Thank you for hiring me! 🙂

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