Baby Shower? Baby Cupcakes.

I blogged about this particular carrot cake recipe before when I made it as a full out cake for Canada Day a few years ago. I had the opportunity to revisit this recipe, but in cupcake form, when I received an order for 48 mini carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing for a baby boy shower. I really love this recipe, and just how moist it is.

However, I made a few modifications of my own. I cut out the raisins entirely (I dislike raisins, so to me, they never exist in carrot cakes), and I also cut out the walnuts (in case of any nut allergies). To replace some of these “fillers”, I instead doubled up on the amount of coconut and pineapple that the recipe required (you really can’t have enough coconut and pineapple), and the recipe turned out great.

And don’t worry if the batter looks super runny, it’ll bake fine, and is what results in such a moist cake!

So here’s the baked baby cupcakes:

Of course I always need to taste test.
Of course I always need to taste test.

Then piped with a little bit of cream cheese frosting using a simple #2 Wilton icing Tip.

A dollop of cream cheese icing.
A dollop of cream cheese icing.


And to decorate, I put my Stampin’ Up Big Shot and stamps to use and made some appropriately themed cake toppers using some cardstock, glue, and toothpicks! And nothing wrong with adding some sprinkles for a final touch.


Super happy with how these turned out.


All packed up and ready to be delivered!




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