Ombre love!

My obsession with the ombre cake started in the summer months when I was researching what kind of wedding cake I wanted and saw the idea of different shaded cake layers of the same color.  As you can see in my last post, my wedding cake was ombre yellow on the inside, each layer getting a lighter (or darker, depending which direction you’re lookin’ in) yellow.

Inspired over the past summer (thanks Pinterest), I decided to try do one myself for my friend’s birthday.

Confession: at the time, it was a trial run at the time to see if I could pull off making my own wedding cake, but my senses kicked in (aka my bridesmaids feet) and I ended up getting it sourced from Crave Cupcakes instead, whom by the way did a fantastic job!

I made a standard vanilla pound type of cake.   For this particular cake, I decided to make a 6″ diameter cake, with 5 layers.  Once the batter was made, I added some of the red gel coloring to the bowl and mixed it up that way the lightest layer wouldn’t be a stark white, but more like an off pink, if you will.  I then measured out the batter that I’d put into the cake pan, just so that I could make sure each layer would be the same height.  I think for this pan and these layers, I was measuring out about 1.25 – 1.5 cups of batter?

The cake batter and my 6″ round Wilton pan.

While the cake was baking, I added some more of the food coloring (the same amount as the first time), into the mixing bowl and mixed it all in, then measured out the batter again.  This process of baking the cake layers from lightest to darkest was great becuase then I would just keep adding a little more coloring into the mixing bowl each time I wanted to make a new layer.

In the measuring cups is the batter that is about to be put into my cake pan, and in the mixing bowl I’ve already a bit more coloring to deepen the pink for the next layer.

I repeated this until I got all 5 layers done.  I let them cool, then trimmed off the tops and bottoms and sides to remove any dark brown burned parts.  I found this makes the cake layers a bit more pretty when you eliminate the yucky brown spots, keeps the colors a bit more true when you stack the layers.  Then I stacked it.

my stacked cake on my makeshift cake stand (an upside down plate)

I went for a super light pink buttercream icing since I wanted to keep the outside simple, that way the surprise of the ombre layers would be more fun when the cake was cut into.  I slapped on the icing and smoothed it out (to the best of my ability – icing a cake is not my strong suit)

The finished cake, iced with my homemade bunting cake topper 🙂

With the leftover batter and icing I decided to whip up some cupcakes as well, just incase some weren’t wanting cake slices.

I brought this cake to the restaurant and I was excited through the dinner to see how the layers actually turned out once my birthday gal cut into it.


I have to say for my first time doing a cake of this many layers, I was pretty happy.  I noticed a few things (of course), like the top and bottom layers not being as aligned as the middle layers, but I coudln’t complain.  The pink was so girly and fun.

Needless to say, there were leftovers.

My gal pal loved the cake and the ombre surprise inside, as well as all the other party guests.  Cake was eaten, presents were opened, food was consumed, and it was an evening of laughs and smiles.  And as much fun as I had making this cake for my dear friend, I’m totally glad I decided not to make my own ombre wedding cake!


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  1. Jo says:

    nicely done, Lyds! Now it’s time to ombre-up your hair, hombre! 😛

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