Wedding peek – Cookie Bar

The past 9 months have been a whirlwind for me planning my wedding.  Now that I’m married and moved into a new home, as much as a part of me misses the planning of all the wedding, it’s kinda nice to get back to regular life.  I’ll definitely be sharing some of my wedding fun-ness as I get some pictures in, but I just wanted to quickly an element from my wedding, my cookie bar!

Considering my love of treats and cookies, it seemed fitting that I do a cookie bar in lieu of a giant wedding cake.  We instead opted for a smaller cake (mostly for the cake cutting pictures and such) but I wanted to supplement it with a bunch of homemade cookies.  Big shout out to my maid of honor who helped me in the kitchen doing all of these.

My only fail was that I should’ve made more.  I didn’t think it’d be as popular as it did, but from what I’ve been hearing from friends in the weeks after the wedding, those cookies were gone pretty quick!

I made six different types: chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, shortbread, coconut macaroons, oatmeal, and m&m cookies, giving each of them fun taglines along with it.

The cake was made by Crave which was awesome.  I wanted a 5 tier yellow ombre cake; the cake was coconut cake with cream cheese icing.  It rocked my world!  Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to cut into it all the way with the limited space on the table that day (and I’m a bit of a klutz), but I was able to really cut into it the next day.

The cake topper was a custom topper we had made by Anna Crafts on Etsy.  She did an amazing job and captured all the details that we provided her with.  It now sits proudly in our home as a fantastic reminder of our wedding.  You can check out her shop here:

And if you want to check out our cake topper more closely, Anna Crafts put pics of it up here:

Stay tuned into my blog as I’ll be picking up the baking again now that I’m getting more settled into the new home; I definintely have some exciting baking projects on the go!


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