A Nod to the Cinnamon Pull Aparts

This recipe has pretty much trumped any of the other recipes and treats I’ve brought to parties and events.  Maybe my existing recipes have become too boring, or maybe this recipe is just that awesome.  Maybe it’s a bit of both, but who cares?  These pull aparts rock my world.

I got this recipe from my Care Group leader’s wife, who I heard was the master of making these.  I’ve since made them numerous times, never with any leftovers, and gone within minutes.

Can I also add that this recipe gets bonus points for the fact that it takes minutes to make and is super easy on the wallet too?

Without further ado, the recipe:

My modifications:

When I followed the recipe as printed on the card, I found the distribution of butter/sugar/cinnamon kind of uneven throughout the pan.  So this is what I do:

-Grease your bundt pan as instructed.

-combine the pudding powder mix, sugar, and cinnamon into a separate bowl.

-keep the melted butter in another separate bowl.

-take a frozen dough ball (I succesfully find them at Sobeys in the freezer aisle close to the frozen fruits and waffles, and it doesn’t need to have been thawed, right from the freezer is fine), dunk and cover it in the melted butter…

-and then quickly roll it around in the cinnamon/sugar mixture bowl, then place it in the bundt pan.  Repeat with all the other dough balls.

-pour any of the leftover butter as well as the cinnamon/sugar mixture overtop the bundt pan.

The pan filled with all the dough balls.

With all the frozen dough balls covered and sitting in the pan, cover it with saran wrap, and let it rise at room temperature (about 8 hours) before baking.

dough balls all risen, and ready to go into the oven.

Bake at the 350 degrees celcius as instructed.  I like to put a baking sheet under the bundt pan so it catches any drips that may bake out over the edge.

When it comes out, do what the card says and flip it onto a plate as soon as you can (I don’t even way the minute, I do it right away)

Can easily eat one in a sitting.

I found by dipping each individual dough ball in the butter and rolling it in the sugar, it made the pull aparts that much easier to “pull apart” as they had a coating of butter around them.  It also ensured a nicer distribution of cinnamon and sugar.

This turned out a lot better compared to my very first batch I did, where you can see the uneven distribution.

Needless to say I’ve fallen in love with this recipe and I’m sure it’d adapt to adding different elements to the recipes, like nuts or chocolate chips.  It’s a great thing to whip up for a gathering or to bring to a potluck, and I’ll usually ask to bake it in their homes right before serving it so it’s nice and gooey.  The hosts never seem to mind the smell of sugar and cinnamon filling up their homes, either!


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