Happy 1,095 Days. Score.

I actually stared at this screen for about 10 minutes before I started typing a single word.  My neck is still sore, my butt is numb, and my right hand is cramped.  Because of this:

Justin and I hit our 3 year anniversary the other day and I decided to surprise him with Oilers sugar cookies, after the hockey team he’s invested the last 25 years of his life to and might’s well be married to.

I really can’t compete.

I’m not here to do a tutorial per se (even though I’ll do a walk through), because that would imply that I would recommend for you guys to do these.  And it not that I wouldn’t want you to give these a go, but let’s put it this way: in 3 hours I decorated 6 cookies.  But here I sit writing this post because with the time I devoted to these buggers, I’m determined to get a blog post out of it, especially since this is all I’ll have to show for it once the cookies are eaten and done.  And who knows, there might be someone out there as crazy as I am to try these.

So here it is.

Step 1)  Bake.  I used my tried and true Williams – Sonoma sugar cookie recipe and used a 3.75″ diameter round cutter to make my cookies.  I would actually recommend a larger round cutter as the detail gets harder to decorate with a smaller cookie.  These were doable though.

Step 2)  Flood.  After letting the cookies thoroughly cool, I flooded them with white icing, thick enough that I could spread it over the cookie without it dripping over the edge, but thin enough that the icing would “smooth itself out”.  Make sure you really let that icing dry for a good day or so before you decorate.  Some prefer to outline the cookie with a stiffer icing before flooding it, but I prefer my shortcut method of just spreading it out.  Some call me lazy.  I call it efficiency.

Step 3)  Get the logo, cut it out.  I drew the Oilers logo onto a stiffer white cardstock and cut out the individual elements.  Why?  Because there was no way I was going to try to freehand it.  My circle would be an oval, and the font of the word “Oilers” would probably resemble that of Arial Narrow.

Step 4)  Trace.  Take a clean sewing needle, and take the first element of your template, lay it on the cookie, and trace around it with the needle.  Don’t press too hard, but apply enough pressure so that you can create a faint scratch mark onto the hardened icing.  It can be hard to see, especially on a white icing, but you should be able to see it depending how you angle it in the light.  I started first by tracing the circle of the logo, centering it, which will then dictate where all my other elements go (ie. the letters and the oil orange oil drop).

The traced out letters.

Step 5)  Fill in.  I used my brushes (reserved only for food decorating), and diluted my blue food color gels into my palette (also reserved only for food decorating), and make some blue “paint” of a thicker consistency.

The setup - Food coloring markers, food coloring gels, brushes, water, and my paint tray.

I did about two coats of “paint” to get a more solid blue.

I also used an orange food coloring marker to quickly color in the oil drop, then went back in with a brush with diluted red food coloring to deepen the bottom of the oil drop a bit.

Because of the amount of time these logos took, I decided to mix things up a bit and have some of the cookies play homage to those on the team.  These were a lot simpler to do, plus I think it make the set of cookies a bit more interesting.  If you can do the Oilers logo, then these will be a walk in the park.

I used the orange food coloring marker and drew out the number, then went in with my brush with orange to do a second coat to even out the streaks and bold the color a bit.  I then went ahead and outlined the number in black.  On bigger sized numbers I could get away with my black food marker, but with smaller numbers and the extra border around the numbers, I found it better to use a fine brush dipped in my black food coloring gels.

I then went in as best as I could and freehand wrote the last names of the guys with my brush.  (By the way, I now dislike the names that have curved letters.)

10 points, Hall, for your straight-edged named letter.

I found the cookie a little bare after doing the name and number, so I decided to do some striped detail to mimic the stripes found at the bottom of their jerseys, as well as some blue shading in the background, again to subtly mimic their jersey.

So I did some of the more prominent players on the team, however I knew there was one I would have to include, otherwise Justin would’ve probably shunned me:  Gretzky.

I also got Justin a picture of Eberle from a silent auction, (I actually tracked down and bought it off the guy who won it at the auction, but that’s a whole other story), which was a total surprise for him, and he loved it.  Perfect for his man cave.

And you know, I’ll be honest.  As much as I griped about this at the beginning of this post, I actually was happy with the end result, and Justin was completely floored when he saw these.

And that made it all worth it.  Happy 3 years Justin, and here’s to us.


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