Orlando Part 4/4: Parks, Purchases, Pastries, and Pouts.

Happy New Year, and I’m finally on my 4th and final post about my Orlando trip, and I can technically say that it’s taken me from 2011 – 2012 to get this post series done.

My new years resolution of not procrastinating is off to a great start.

Wondering what I’m talking about if you are just getting onto this blog now? Catch part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 here.

The last three days in WDW was just us revisiting the parks and doing things we didn’t get to do the first few days in each of them. On with it!


Treat #1: Cheesecake In a Glass

Did I mention how much I love Finding Nemo? I do. As such we revisted the Animal Kingdom the day after and checked out the Finding Nemo musical (again), but this time say so close up that we could see beads of sweat on the actors and dancers. Awesome. We also had a chance to check out the Festival of the Lion King – a music and acrobatic filled performance with appearances from the members of the Lion King – way better than I expected! We broke for lunch at Restaurantosaurus for a lunch of veggie subs and for dessert, orange cheesecake in a glass. Delish, and not a bad entertaining idea for parties at home!

Treat #2: School Bread

After we finished up all we wanted to see, we bid farewell to the Animal Kingdom and shuttled it back to Epcot to spend the rest of our day, as we also had reservations at a restaurant there that night.

Due to the lame rain that we encountered on our first day at Epcot, we were able to make up for some lost pavilion viewing time and checked out the world pavilions we had missed the first day, including the Norway Pavilion. There at their bakery, gal pal and I got some school bread to share. What’s school bread, you say? Basically a giant bun with custard in the middle, and coconut flakes on top.

School bread, untouched.

The verdict? It was alright, but I found the bread quite dry. Not something I’d order again, but at least I got to try it. The custard part was good though, I just wished there was more of it.

Treat #3: Creme Brulee

Gal pal and I had dinner reservations at Chefs de France that evening, and we enjoyed a nice meal there. Well, quite frankly, I didn’t enjoy mine all that much as I was coming down with a cold and couldn’t smell much. However, I did feel a bit better when my dessert of creme brulee came about, and the male waiters in the restaurant sang happy birthday to me in french, in deep pavoratti-type voices. If only Remy from Ratatouille was there…

Outside of Chefs de France.
Complete with a birthday candle 🙂

After dinner, we decided to call it an early night so I could get the rest I needed and nix my cold bug in the bud (which I successfully achieved!)


Like I said in my prior post, we loved Hollywood Studios, so much that we felt it deserved a second full day. The first thing we did when we got to the park that day was dash for a fast pass to Toy Story Mania, the most popular attraction in the entire WDW park, and of all the Disney parks in the world. Wait times exceed 130 minutes, and fast passes are gone within hours. We were pretty stoked when we were able to finally nab our hands on this precious ticket.

I felt like Charlie getting a golden ticket into Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Treat #4: Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

We grabbed a pizza lunch at Pizza Planet (in honor of our love for Toy Story), and it came with a nice dessert of a giant chocolate chip cookie and milk. The cookie was large enough that I was able to take some with me to go for a snack later (though that didn’t last too long.)

Treat #4: The Return of the Giant Cupcake

We also returned to the Starring Rolls Cafe for their huuuge cupcakes that we thoroughly enjoyed and devoured the first time we went. This time we decided to get their red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. YOWZA!!

Didn’t disappoint, folks. Did not.

We finally got on the Toy Story ride and can we say “awesome”? I LOVED it, and I can totally get why the long line up. It’s like playing virtual carnival midway games with the entire Toy Story game. Badass! Not only that, we had a chance to ride on it a second time right before the park closed and when it wasn’t as busy. The posted wait time was about 40 minutes but we actually got through in about 25. Double badass!

Treat #5: Wolfgang Puck’s Cheesecake

We shuttled to Downtown Disney to do a bit more shopping and also had dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Express. It is a great restaurant – awesome quality food but at much more reasonable prices. I enjoyed a salmon salad and had for dessert a nice slice of cheesecake. Silky smooth and creamy, like cheesecake should be!


Believe it or not, we went back to Epcot again for the third time on our trip. The first time we got rained out, the second time I was feeling sick, so it was now or never to go on some of the rides we hadn’t successfully accomplished the first two times. I’m proud to report that mission was indeed accomplished; we finally had a chance to check out the Test Track ride, as well as Soarin’.

Treat #6: Baklava

We went to the Moroccan Pavilion and had a quick service lunch at the Tangerine Cafe. I have to say it was a great meal. With one quick service credit we got a huuuge chicken schwarma platter, iced moroccan coffee, and their baklava. So awesome and flaky and nutty. I’m drooling as we type.

Outside Morocco.

Treat #7: Ice Cream Bomb

We had decided when planning our trip that we would end it off in the Magic Kingdom. Don’t ask me why, there’s no rhyme or reason, but it just seems right to end your last day in WDW in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle as you watch the fireworks on Main Street. Sigh.

We had dinner reservations at Tony’s Town Square for some Italian eats. After a great dinner of Risotto, both gal pal and I opted for the ice cream bomb – chocolate and vanilla ice cream that sits on a cake layer, covered in a chocolate shell. Love it.

The earlier dinner time worked out great as it gave us a chance to check out some rides before we got a good spot for the fireworks.

And would you believe me if I confessed that I had a tear in my eye as the final fireworks shot into the sky, and I blubbered to my gal pal “…sniff…wishes really do come true…”?

Treat #8: Carb Overload

After the fireworks were done and the rides had shut down, and with three snack credits left to spare, we decided to hit up the Main Street Bakery for some pastries that would serve as our well balanced breakfast/lunch for our flight home the following day.

Gal pal opted for the chocolate croissant she had last time, while I opted for their giant chocolate fudge walnut brownie.

With our last credit, we decided to get a tiny tiny slice of their carrot cake with cream cheese to share as our last dessert for the night.

A reasonable Jenny Craig approved portion, no?

And I guess I was channelling “sugar addict” vibes to the staff in the Main Street Bakery, ’cause somehow, and I’m not sure how, where or why, they decided to give us this giant cookie pizza for free!!

Thanks, WDW for this awesome farewell gift that we enjoyed on the plane, and continue to enjoy on our hips!

And with this hugely awesome cookie, I conclude my post on my hugely awesome trip to WDW and Universal Studios. The WDW dining plan served me and my friend very well since we got it at a discount. If you’re planning a trip to any of these places in the near future, do your research, it’ll pay off. There’s way more food to be had and enjoyed beyond the standard churros and ice cream cones. And though there’s nothing wrong with those items, be sure not to limit yourself.

So yes, the calories were consumed, the sugar highs were crashed, and the poundage was put on. We hugged numerous mascots, screamed on tons of rides, and left all the realities of adulthood behind. We had a GREAT time in both WDW and Universal Studios and though I was terribly choked to leave, I now have the ability to look forward to returning once again.


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