“You Trifilin’, Good for Nothin’ Type of Puddin'”

Yes.  Everytime I think of trifles, I do not think of delicious layers of sponge cake interspersed with fruit and light whipping cream that mimics the texture of what one dreams clouds would feel like.

I think of Destiny’s Child.

Anyways, I LOVE Christmas, like, LOVE IT.  So Justin and I recently hosted a  Christmas party at his place, complete with food (as always seems to be the case when we gather with these hooligans), games, a gift exchange, and even prizes (yes, prizes.)

I wanted to try to do something different and something that didn’t involve 29834 lbs of chocolate (like my desserts of preference typically do.)  This time, I decided to make a raspberry trifle, and bread pudding, both courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Instead of buying the pound cake, I decided to go ahead and make my own with this recipe.  I had baked it the night before so that it would have plenty of time to cool before I assembled it the next day (the day of the party).

Martha Stewart had a ton of dessert recipes to go through, but I went with these two specifically because they were so easy to put together, but still looked pretty “fancy.”

The next day I started on my bread pudding with the plan that while it was baking I could assemble the trifle.  I picked up a baguette from Superstore the day before and had cut it up to dry out overnight.  I found it wasn’t quite dry enough so I went and baked it again as instructed in the recipe.

After letting the slices bake and cooled, I prepared the milk/syrup mixture in the recipe, threw them into the bowl, and let them sit there for a little bit.

I then assembled the soaked bread slices into a buttered pan.  Having never made bread pudding before, I was worried that perhaps my pan was too big, but it wasn’t.  After baking, the bread had totally expanded perfectly to fit the pan nice and snug.

I poured the custard milk mixture into the pan and sprinkled the chopped pecans on top.  I added more pecans than the recipe stated.  I can’t say how much more, I just eyeballed until there was a good coverage of pecans everywhere.  I believe you can never put in too many pecans.  I let the pan sit for 10 minutes then threw it into the oven.

While it was baking, I started working on assembling my trifle.  I had cut the cake up into 1 inch strips, and had bf brush both sides of each cake strip with the lemon syrup I made in the recipe.  I also cut off the brown at the top and bottom of each strip.  I typically like the more burnt parts of a cake, but for aesthetic reasons I cut it off so that the cake layer would be golden yellow and void of brown.

My assistant, hard at work.

I wedged an even layer of cake at the bottom layer of the trifle bowl.

I then made the raspberry mixture.  I found that this didn’t make quite as much as my trifle bowl needed, so I added another cup of raspberries, and eyeballed the appropriate amount of jam (about a third cup).  I layered it on top of the cake.

 I also whipped up the whipping cream.  I actually found I didn’t have enough whipping cream.  I’d recommend 3 cups of whipping cream instead of just the two cups, that way you dont have to be too careful in how much (or little) you put.  After letting the whipping get to a really stiff consistency, I slapped that on.  I opted to use my more powerful stand mixer rather a hand mixer to really let it go at it.

First set of layers done.

Got it?  Continue, and repeat.

I stuck it in the fridge and kept the trifle in there until it was time to head to bf’s house for the party.  By then, the maple sweet smell of the bread pudding had filled the kitchen, and it was soon time to take it out:


 We let it cool and transported both desserts to the bf’s house.  Right before the guests came we heated up the bread pudding in the microwave, and continued to do so througout the night.  We also decided to serve it up alongside with french vanilla ice cream, as there’s really nothing better than cold ice cream melting over a piping hot melt in your mouth dessert.

As for the trifle, we took it out of the fridge and put the finishing touches on it:

Now we know why Martha calls it the grand raspberry trifle.

The party was a hit, games were won, and all of us left with stomach cramps from laughing too hard (mostly at each other.)  It was a great way to kick off the Christmas season with the reminder that all you really need is love…

…and food.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!


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