Orlando Part 3/4: Cupcakes, Creatures, and Cartoons

Just when you think I had eaten enough, I’m here to tell you that I’ve eaten more!!  If you’ve been following my 4 part series on the sweets and treats I had in Orlando back in October, you deserve a medal.

However, if you are a bandwagon jumper like many are during the Oilers playoff season and are only starting to read these now, go stand in the corner for 3 hours, return back, and catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, which can be insta-clicked right here, and here.

So let’s get to it.


Hollywood Studios surprisingly turned out to be me and my friend’s more favored park.  They had more of the thrilling rides like the Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith Rollercoaster, plus a giant Pixar section (and I’m a HUGE pixar fan), and a lot of stuff dealing with animation and art, which I’m also totally into.  We enjoyed this park so much that we ended up spending 2 full days here (2nd day to follow in the 4th post.)

Winnie the Pooh animation display.

Treat #1: Starring Rolls Cafe’s GIANT Cupcakes!

Again, this great link off the same website I had mentioned in past posts was how I came to learn of these awesome giant treats, and just cost us one snack credit of our dining plan.  We went to the Starring Rolls Cafe after we rode the Aerosmith Rollercoaster and the Tower of Terror for lunch.  We each got our own lunch combo which included a dessert (and saved us a snack credit).  There was no question what we were gonna get.  Check these out.

Butterfinger Cupcake!!!
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake!!!

The Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcake had a chocolate cupcake bottom, a huge dollop of peanut butter fudgy-ness piled on top, smothered in huge chocolate shaving chunks.  Words cannot express.  They can’t.

When a cupcake is so massive that you can justify taking a cross-section picture of it, you know it’s something to write home about.

The Butterfinger cupcake was something else altogether.  A chocolate cupcake bottom, piled high with vanilla buttercream, then dipped in melted chocolate, and rolled around in ground up Butterfinger chocolate bars.

Butterfinger Cupcake – 1 part cake, 1 part icing.

Even as I type out this post my mouth is salivating.  The cake was moist, the icing was rich and the chocolate melted in our mouths.  This was one of our favorite treats BY FAR, and a lot that lunch was spent eating in silence, as any dessert that epic deserves a moment of silence.

Treat #2: Coke Slurpee

At 30+ degrees (made even hotter with humidity), we were always in search of ways to cool off (which included a walk -thru Coke-sponsored mister that seemed to always malfunction whenever my gal pal and I wanted to walk through, but anyways.)

So though it was simple and nothing crazy of an idea, this coke slurpee really hit the spot.  Our one complaint though: it was a bit too “airy” and “whipped” for our liking, but still good.

Treat #3: California Grill

We had decided earlier on to go to a fine dining restaurant for one of our meals, and after some research decided to make reservations at the California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

The private elevator in the hotel that takes you to the very top floor, where the restaurant is located. Ballin’.

The meal was fantastic (and my favorite) with our entree of bison steak with truffle mac and cheese.  And for dessert…

Thanks, California Grill.

It was their take on the smores, with a dark chocolate lava cake, homemade roasted marshmallow, and vanilla gelato that sat on a graham cracker crust.  And check out the bonus slab of “birthday” chocolate I got with it too!!


The Tree of Life: the centerpiece of the Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom had some interesting things to see, my most favorite being their Finding Nemo Musical.  I enjoyed it so much, I watched it twice!

The Expedition Everest roller coaster ride from afar – awesome!

Treat #4: Chocolate Cake

We went to the Yak and Yeti Express for a quick lunch (which we interestingly enough also had dinner reservations to in their sit down restaurant).  Craving asian food, and with us being in the asian part of the Animal Kingdom, we decided to order their honey chicken with rice and veggies.  My gal pal opted to get the frozen lemonade for dessert, well I got their chocolate cake (surprise, surprise.)

This was another one of those “mass made” desserts that was just as delectable as the other desserts out there.

Treat #5: Mickey Ice Cream Bar

What would a trip to WDW be if you didn’t get their ironic Mickey shaped treats?  So I got a Mickey shaped ice cream bar –  a fun and effective way of beating the Orlando heat.  ‘Nuff said.

Even the packaging is fun!
Very Mike Tyson of me, no?

Treat #6: Yak and Yeti Restaurant

We had reservations at the Yak and Yeti restaurant as we thought it’d be cool to have some Asian inspired food at some point in our trip.  The inside of the restaurant was cool, decor reminiscent of an old Tibetan template, very Dalai Lama like  😛

The outisde of the Yak and Yeti restaurant.

 My gal pal ordered a miso glazed salmon (which I was insanely jealous of and wished I had ordered instead), but all sore feelings were lost when dessert came around.

“What’s that? Is that dessert I smell??”

We ordered a mango pie with whipped cream on a mango strawberry puree, which was sooo good.  It tasted very much like mango pudding, but in a pie shell.

Mango pie.

And the other dessert that knocked our socks off:  cream cheese filled deep fried wontons on skewers with pineapple with this vanilla-y cream drizzle on top.  FANTASTIC!!!!

I admit I might like these kinds of wontons better than the meat filled kinds.

After our dinner at the Yak and Yeti, we headed to Downtown Disney to check out the shops and the night life.  For those that are planning to go to Downtown Disney, it is a huge area in itself and we probably only made it to 1/10th of the entire strip.

We checked out a confectionary store which was a feast for the nose and the tastebuds, filled with the sweet smells of caramel, samples of fudge (which we happily accepted), and clear counters filled with different treats behind them.

Giant cookies!
giant oreos!
Minnie rice krispy cake!  All yours for $49.95.

So we “aww’d” at the animals, “ahhh’d” on the tower of terror, and “ka-ching’d” in the different stores at Downtown Disney.

But most importantly. we “yumm’d” at all the things we got to eat.  Stay tuned for my 4th and final installment of my Orlando eats  🙂


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