Spooky Sugar Cookies (And Creepy Babies)

This past Halloween I was invited to a fantastic party that literally left me screaming for more.  With the host dressed as a scary clown hiding and scaring me outside his house, creepy zombie babies in the bathroom, trivia games (with prizes!), and us watching the movie Insidious (where I spent most of that time with eyes shut and ears plugged behind the couch cushions), it was no wonder we had a spook-tacular time.

And what goes great with all that?  Great food!

Smorgasboard! Candies, chocolates, cupcakes, potato coffins, dips, oh my! (And check out my friend’s badass candle holder idea)
Their awesome Halloween display!

I decided to bring Spooky Sugar Cookies to the party that evening, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect with the fact that I was babysitting my nieces that same afternoon.  Group project!!

I had baked and iced the cookies the night before so that they would be ready the next day.

Round cut out sugar cookies, with royal icing on top.

I had gone to Michaels and bought these Martha Stewart Cookie and Cupcake stencils.  However, I wanted to try something a little different than using powdered sugar or food coloring mists.  I wanted to try painting with them with a mixture of my food coloring gels and a bit of water.

It was a bit of a hit and miss.  In general, we found it too difficult to paint with, as the paint would bleed underneath the stencil.  We ended up using my food coloring markers I had bought a while back at Bosch Kitchen Centre (now named Barb’s Kitchen Centre).  Those worked much better and we used them for the rest of the cookies.

I, however, kept using my brushes and painted on the Jack Skellingtons (for the hostess)  🙂

And after a little bit of time…

And with a couple blank cookies leftover, I let the girls each decorate one whichever way they wanted.

The littlest one had an upcoming test that Monday about earth.  I guess she had nothing else on her mind that weekend because this was her cookie:

Two thumbs up for not only creativity, but for it also being educational.

And her older sister, a big Domo fan, did this:

Two thumbs up for rainbows and moustaches in preparation for Movember.

With four extra hands helping me, we were finished a lot faster than I was EVER used to.  We found ourselves with some extra time to spare.  So what did we do?

We baked some more.

With still some leftover graham crackers from a previous project,and marshmallows that I always have on hand, we decided to try to make giant Smores Cookies!!  I took my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and simply added the extra ingredients of marshmallows and graham crackers.

My little niece mixin’ up the batter.
Choppin’ up chocolate chunk!!

Then my nieces scooped out the dough onto cookie sheets and baked them, and voila!

Oh yeah, did I mention that we decided to make a giant cookie pizza with some of the dough?  Well, yeah, we did.  And we cut it up into slices and ate them as such as well.

In my opinion, the best pizza ever.

So the nieces were sent back to their parents on a sugar high and the beginnings of some cavities, Halloween snacks were consumed, and my voice was made all the more scratchier with my incessant screaming that night.  By the end of the night my wig from my Flintstones Wilma costume had fallen off, I had gotten salsa on my cavewoman dress, and I spent the better part of what was left of my night awake in my room thinking that demon babies were lurking outside.

I mean, come on, after seeing this, wouldn’t you?


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