Birthday Booty.

My birthday has passed.

I’ve gained a year to my name and numbers to the scale.

I’ve got birthday booty.

But that’s okay, because birthday booty is worth it if it means turning one year older in the company of some great friends, family, and food.

And who would I be if I didn’t blog about bodacious birthday treats that bared me birthday booty?  A boob of a blogger, that’s what.

Me and bf had a combined b-day bash since our birthdays were a few weeks apart and we have many common friends.  A group of us planned to do a day long walk looping from our friends’ condo on Saskatchewan Drive to as far as Duchess Bake Shop and back.  It was pretty much a walking food tour.

I got to have some bodacious Belgian waffles at the Sugarbowl that was breeming with consumers.  Great start to the day, especially with the variety of Summerland Sweets syrups they had!

I also got to have some baked treats at the Duchess Bake Shop.  If you recall my first visit there, I had always wanted to return to try one of their chocolate tarts.  I came close to getting it, but that day I was wanting something even more decadent and so I got the Duke, along with a giant chocolate chip cookie and an assorted variety of macaroons.  The Duke didn’t disappoint at all, we got along quite well.

The Duke – after.
The Duke – before.
Melt in your mouth macaroon madness.

And after a great greasy dinner at Goody Buddy restaurant (a great spot for food and it’s ability to accommodate all our friends), we were surprised with an impromptu b-day cake, perfect for the spirit of Halloween.  😀

And on another day, bf took me out on a b-day date to dinner for Mikado (which was awesome as usual), in which we decided to treat ourselves to some dessert: their tempura green tea ice cream.   Hot crispy shell on the outside, ice creamy coldness on the inside.  Not too shabby.

This dinner was then followed by us watching Real Steel, which I totally wanted to see and enjoyed.  (Any movie with Hugh Jackman and giant robots is my kind of movie.)

And of course, no birthday of mine would be complete without the traditional strawberry shortcake that my parents always get me each year!  🙂

So as you can see, it is no surprise that I now have birthday booty (not to mention the fact that there were even more awesome sweets and food way above and beyond these pictures.)

But I won’t be burdened by my birthday booty, because it’ll serve as a reminder of the birthday bash that was da bomb.

Step aside, Kim Kardashian.


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