Orlando Part 2/4: Mickey Mouse and Magic

Welcome to Part 2 out of the 2983943 posts I’ll be writing about the things I ate on my recent Orlando trip.

Just kidding, it’ll be more like just 50.

Just kidding again.  I dont know.

So in case you haven’t, I highly recommend you read Part 1, otherwise like all great movies and novels you will be totally lost on the depth of the content in Part 2.

My gal pal and I spent 7 zippee-dee-doo-da days in Walt Disney World (WDW), staying right in the Pop Century Resort.  Going to WDW during this time of the year during the low season allowed us to book this trip with a promo.  We were able to book a package which granted us a free quick service dining plan during our stay.

For those unfamiliar with the WDW dining plans, the quick service dining plan would entitle each guest 2 quick services meals, and 1 snack per night you stay at the resort.  Me and my friend, however, wanted to take check out some of the actual sit down restaurants, so we opted to pay to upgrade for the regular dining plan, which would entitle each of us to 1 quick service meal, 1 table service meal, and 1 snack per day.  It turned out to be a great deal, and the fact that we got the dining plan at a discount made it all the more sweet.  So thank you, WDW Dining Plan, for helping make this post possible, for without it, I doubt I would’ve enjoyed as many treats as I did, just out of sheer cost it would’ve totaled to to pay for each item outright.  Another bonus of their dining plans: you can spend your credits however you like.


WDW sold a lot of ponchos that day.

Mother nature decided to welcome our first day in WDW with rain.  And by rain, I don’t mean the pretty kinds that feel like kisses all over your face.  I mean buckets of water pellets zooming at you at high velocities.  Luckily we had planned to go to Epcot that day, which was the best choice out of the 4 parks as it had the most indoor venues to seek shelter.

Treat #1: Apple Caramel Cake

We dashed indoors to the Land Pavilion to grab a quick lunch at the Sunshine Seasons, a quick service food court area that offers a variety of foods from sandwiches to stir fry.

Sunshine Seasons – with all that seating it was still a struggle to find a place to eat.

Seeing as we weren’t that hungry, we shared a meal and got chicken with noodles, a mocha, and our first dessert to kick off our trip, a caramel apple crumble cake, yum.  The inside of the cake reminded me of something quite similar to sour cream Tim Bits, which happen to be my favorite, so I had no complaints.  🙂

Treat #2: Napoleon

England Pavilions

We decided to skip out on the rides that day and check them out a different time (not to mention that some of them were shut down due to the downpour).  We then spent the rest of our day wandering inside all of the different world pavilions.  It was pretty cool because each pavilion had it’s own bakeries and eateries so you literally have a world of cuisine available at your fingertips and it was a treat perusing all the treats from the world.

Treats in Karamell Küche, located in the Germany Pavilion. Also had lots of Werthers treats and even caramel popcorn!

Unfortunately since our time outdoors was mainly spent looking down and ducking from the rain, I can’t quite remember where we ducked in and purchased this tasty little pastry:

The Napoleon

My guess would be France or one of the other European pavilions, seeing as that is where Napoleons came from.  It was a good treat to share, as all the flaky layers and cream were very rich.

Treat #3: Biergarten Restaurant

We had made reservations for dinner at the Biergarten Restaurant in the Germany pavilion, and it lived up to all of the reviews I had read on it.  I love buffets, and this was a great one.  There was a much wider selection than I had expected and it tasted so good.  The fact that there is a stage with live music so that you can eat while listening to a bunch of men singing “Roll Out the Barrel” while playing their accordions doesn’t hurt either.

With the restaurant being family style seating, we sat next to a family from Tampa who visits WDW 4 times a year. Jealous.

After two plates of food, I jiggled a bit to make room for some dessert and opted for the berry compote with vanilla cream on top, the chocolate fudge cake, and oh yeah, a couple grapes to balance out the plate (those may have accidentally rolled off my plate, but I can’t remember).


Our day started off a bit of a bummer as there was even more rain the day before, but it turned out pretty sunny, literally speaking, as the rain stopped a few hours after the park opened.  Any dashes of rain that came later in the day were brief and light.  No complaints on our part!

I love the Magic Kingdom.  It brings back so many feelings of nostalgia and my favorite rite as a kid there was Peter Pan’s Flight because I loved how it felt like you were flying above the houses and the city.

Treat #4: Main Street Bakery

We decided to stop in for a quick breakfast while it was still rainy out and I had heard delightful things about the Main Street Bakery especially their ginormous cinnamon buns.

The www.onlywdworld.com website was a great resource I used in figuring out good places for meals and snacks under the WDW dining plan.   This particular post was how I came to discover these giant cinnamon buns.

The bakery boasts a ton of pastries and treats for the sugar addict, and it’s got no plans to qualm those addictions.

Treats in the Main Street Confectionary, located by the bakery.
Main Street Bakery – the glass panes are there to probably protect the pastries from all the customers drools.

With the variety of mouth watering treats available, I almost wavered, but stuck to my guns and got the cinnamon bun I had planned.  My friend opted for the chocolate croissant.

The chocolate croissant was already larger than the average croissant, so yes, the cinnamon bun was pretty much the size of my face.

The cinnamon bun was still warm and gooey, fresh from the oven, with the sticky icing covering every part of the bun.  Sigh…

Treat #5: Carrot Cake

We headed straight into Tomorrowland and checked out the various attractions.  One of our favorites was the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor – an interactive comedy show that we surprisingly really enjoyed, so much that we ended up watching it a total of three times!


We stopped for lunch at Cosmic Ray’s where we shared a pizza burger, fries, and our dessert of carrot cake.

Buttercream carrot on top, just incase you forgot what you ordered.

I have to say, even though these were one of the several “mass produced” quick dessert snacks offered, it was still really really good and moist, not dry or “commercial” tasting at all.

Treat #6: Dole Pineapple Float

Our wandering continued into Adventureland where we eventually stopped for another snack at Aloha Isle, a little counter where you could walk up and order a variety of treats.  We got the pineapple/orange swirl soft serve ice cream float with pineapple juice!  It was massive, the two of us were barely able to finish it!

The perfect refresher on a hot day!

Treat #7: Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace was probably one of my favorite meals while in WDW.  Not just because it was a buffet, not just because it was in the Magic Kingdom, but mainly because we got to meet Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore!

The Crystal Palace

Yes, this buffet restaurant was great because all four of the characters make their way to each table (you don’t need to chase them down), and pose for pictures, hugs, and autographs.  It was great and so fun!

Again, I was impressed by the spread of food available as well (various salads, roast beef, pastas, potatoes, chicken, mussels, shrimp, and the list goes on) as well as the variety of desserts.  And since I couldn’t decide which desserts to get, I got a little of everything!

Clockwise from the Chocolate chip cookie: bread pudding, cannoli, mocha cream tart, german chocolate brownie, and this amazing coconut flan.

We spent a good hour and half there, taking our time and waiting for the characters to come to our table.  They were so fun and we got pictures with all of them, but poor Eeyore kept bumping into things and knocked a chair over.  No wonder he’s so down on himself.

So we dined with Piglet, helped Buzz Lightyear defeat Zurg, and we got doused with water in Splash Mountain.  Despite the rain and my shoes getting soaked in water, we still managed to have a fun first two days at WDW.

And that wraps up part 2 of my Orlando sweet eats.  Are your eyes hazy yet?


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  1. eese says:

    That carrot cake was soooo epic! Hohhhhhhh!!

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