Never saw Episodes IV, V, VI.

So like, I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to make these cookies or even write about them, as it appears I’ve committed every cardinal since known to man with the fact that I’ve never watched Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI.  It also seems that my having watched (and also owning) of  Episodes I, II, III, doesn’t matter either, because it wasn’t the original.

But who cares?  It had Hayden Christensen.

Well whatever, here it is.

*epic music plays on*

I finally busted out these cookie cutters after my Williams Sonoma buying adventure when I had also bought the Marvel cookie cutters.  My coworker/friend/cubicle decorating ally was moving to Scotland to start a new adventure in her life, so I decided to make these for her as a going away gift.  I also made them for a friend as a “consolation” birthday gift.  I had made the Marvel cookies for his birthday but found out later he never got a chance to eat any before they were all gone.  Rather than make another batch of Marvel cookies (which I had initially promised), I decided to switch it up and make the Star Wars ones instead.

I admit I went in with a bit of arrogance – I figured since the Marvel cookies weren’t too big of an ordeal, these guys would be about the same story.

It totally wasn’t.

I sit here blogging, totally exhausted after a 4th night of decorating these guys, and I almost wonder if I’d do it again.  Probably, it’s always easier the second time around, but not anytime soon.  These guys were hard to decorate, especially Boba Fett and Yoda, and to a certain extent, Darth Vader (but we know he’s always trouble.)

They were easy enough to cut out and bake.  It ended there.

Building my own army.

Once they came out and cooled, I started by flooding the stormtroopers.  I did the same with Darth.  I also had Star Wars III running on my laptop for inspiration.  Approve?

Flooding the stormtroopers.
Flooding the Darth.

Next, I flooded the Yoda cookies, then Boba Fett.

The force wasn’t quite with me that night.
Flooding the Yodas – creepy, eh?
Flooding the Bobas.

I finished the stormtroopers pretty early on, using food gels and my decorating brushes to paint on the details.

My finished entourage.

And now…

Roadblock #1:  Boba’s complexion perplexion.

Overnight, while letting the icing dry, Boba Fett developed acne.  By that I mean somehow there were a jillion air bubbles in my royal icing, so that when it dried they all surfaced and popped, creating little white dots all over the cookie surface.  I whipped up another batch of royal icing, attempting to recreate the color I had made the first time (which is nearly impossible).  I then reflooded the cookies, but after the first one, thought to smear it on randomly, and work it to my advantage to make his helmet look more rusted and beat up.  And it totally worked.  This one of those mistakes I could write off as a blessing in disguise.

Boba Fett – fixed with the second coat of icing to give it a more rusted effect, and the beginning details of his helmet.

Once the black food coloring dried, I applied the red details of the helmet.  I actually used a small brush and dabbed on the royal icing with the brush rather than pipe it on.  I was able to get a straighter edge that way.

Once that dried, I piped on the yellow detail on the side and front of his helmet…

I then finished off the cookies by piping the white up the antenna, and the reflector at the front is his helmet.  Once the antenna dried, I went in again with my brush and black food gels and painted the lines on the yellow and at the top of his antenna.

Now onto Darth.

Roadblock #2: Darth Vader was purple.

Darth and I had a bit of a fallout, because I actually didn’t make the royal icing dark enough and he kinda came out purple instead.  Ops.  It’s not as noticable in the picture below, but trust me, he was purple.  I piped his detail using a super fine icing tip and greyed out the icing so the detail wasn’t so stark against the black (I mean purple).

Once it dried though, I felt the need to go over the areas again with a wash of black food coloring with brushes.  It helped to darken him up and reduce his purpleness, but it was a bit of an unexpected bonus becuase it also gave him that shine that he’s ever so famous for.  I guess another blessing in disguise, no?

I saved Yoda for last because I was afraid of him, quite frankly.  I think any smart person would know that you can’t mess with Yoda – don’t let his height fool you.  I wanted to try to get a more realistic look out of these cookies than the box had (just because I like to cause extra grief unto myself.)

I started by doing a thin white flood on the eyes for the whites of his eyes.  I also flooded Yoda’s ears.

Once it dried I carefully piped the yellows for his eyes.  Is it me, or do these remind you of Gremlins? (I’m not talking about Gizmo, but the creepy ones.)

Once those dried, I painted on Yoda’s pupils.

Lastly (maybe not quite so lastly), I mixed green and brown food gels together to get a color consistent enough to do the wrinkles and lines on his face, and some shading.

Roadblock #3:  Decorator’s Remorse.

Let us not talk about how long all those Yoda cookies took, but suffice it to say that there was much neck pain and self muttering going on.

And there you go.

And so that the rest of my branch would have some treats to enjoy, I whipped up a batch of pirate-y cupcakes, to commemorate the monthly “dress like a pirate” days that my fellow traveller had started in our office (and hope to continue).

I’m not gonna lie – I used Betty Crocker.

Listen.  After decorating all those Yoda cookies, you’d do the same.

So the cupcakes were eaten, the cookies were gifted to my friends (some of them even travelled with her to Scotland to share with her boyfriend), and hugs, so longs, and “lets keep in touch”es were exchanged.

DB, I hope you enjoy the cookies; you are dearly missed back in E-town, but I know you will have an amazing adventure while in Scotland.

May the force be with you.


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  1. Carrie says:

    OMG your star wars cookies look awesome!! I have seen those cutters and they kind of scare me because of the details built into the cutter. But you did an amazing job, i’m so jealous!

    1. Thank you Carrie for your kind words! You should definitely go for them, I’m sure you could do it! I love your blog and all your creations!

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