The Further Fetching of Foods that are Fabulous.

It’s been a little while since I’ve last blogged about what sweet treats around town I’ve been eating.  With all my baking posts,  perhaps you think that I have given up eating sweets altogether and only make them now for others to consume.

Helllll no.

I admit I’m pretty strict with what I eat during the weekdays and make it a point to work out regularly, but my weekends (and weekends only) are my days to cheat.  Weekends only.  I mean, sometimes I round up.  Like if it’s Thursday evening and I have a craving, I’ll be like “Oh, well it’s only a few hours away from Friday, and Friday is practically the weekend, so yes, I’ll fetch myself a giant bowl of chocolate ice cream and crumble graham crackers all over it.”

You know what I mean?

When it comes to dining, me and my bf are typically pretty low key, however we’ve been making more of an effort to try out more fine / finer dining restaurants, as well as local establishments around the city rather than the chain restaurants we tend to default to.

Last week we had a chance to go to Red Ox Inn for dinner.    Red Ox had almost turned into an urban legend in our books; it was a place we’d been trying to go to forever, but somehow could never get there.  Well, we finally did and it was everything that our friends said it was.  The food was great and best of all, we had enough room to take a stab at their dessert menu.

For dessert we ordered their infamous bread pudding and their chocolate and cherries dessert. Quite delightful.  My only wish was that there was more.

Blueberry and white chocolate bread pudding served warm with creme anglaise.
Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate and cherry gelato, with a cherry puree underneath, and what I also suspect to be some white chocolate.

To accompany the desserts, we also each ordered the Red Ox In Coffee – consisting of Red Ox Inn Coffee (G.M., Kahlua, B&B).

Holy toledo.

Damn.  It definitely warmed me up, and me being one who can’t take her alcohol, I practically rolled outta there red faced.   Not my preference, I think I need a little sugar and milk in my coffee/alcohol concoctions.  However, if you like coffee, and if you like your coffee related liquors, and if you like them straight up together, then this is right up your alley, unlike I, who pretty much rolled into one behind the restaurant.

We then met up with a couple of couples for some dessert at Vi’s for Pies (another small E-town treasure I just discovered earlier this year.)  I went for the chocolate caramel cake, while bf went for the german chocolate.

Chocolate Caramel Cake
German Chocolate Cake

It wasn’t until after we had placed our order that I had realized that bf and I were the only one who each ordered a slice of cake for ourselves, unlike the other two couples who shared a slice.  Not only that, I totally finished the whole thing (my bf couldn’t even finish his).

Some would be embarrassed by this slightly gluttonous feat, I however felt like I had just won a surprise nobel prize immediately after climbing to the top of Mount Everest, and the Backstreet Boys were dedicating their comeback tour to me.

Going to places like these is awesome; it gives us a chance to try desserts of all sorts of calibers.  It reminds me of our last “finer” dining experience, where we went to Moriarty’s for Fork Fest and each of us indulged in a set 3-course meal which featured an appetizer, entree, and (MINDBLOWING) dessert: their mint chocolate creme brulee with chocolate gelato on the side.  Can we say *Hohhhhh….*

The mint chocolate creme brulee, before I attacked it.

On top of that, we lucked out and totally scored with the dessert.  As they were running low on their Fork Fest featured dessert of creme brulee, we were given the choice of having another dessert off their regular menu – we got their cream puffs stuffed with chocolate gelato, with chocolate drizzled all over top.

“Climmmb Every Mountainnnnn…”

This worked out great, as it gave bf and I a chance to try out two different desserts for a lower price.  The cream puffs were fantastic (and both desserts were right up my chocoholic alley), but that mint chocolate creme brulee totally blew me away (and I’m not even that big of a mint fan).  The custard portion tasted like it’s regular custardy relative would, but had mint flavoring infused into it, tinting it slightly green.  Then there was a layer of melted dark chocolate between the creme portion and the hard sugar shell on the top.  Paired with the chocolate gelato – madness.  My one regret was missing out on the rootbeer (yes, rootbeer!) creme brulee the server said they used to offer on the menu.

Seriously, do you see that chocolate inbetween the sugar and the custard??

Switching things up after dinner, we felt ambitious enough for more dessert.  We went to check out the new Edmonton location (8412-109 St) of the Dessert House which first originated and became famous in Calgary.  Bf was particulary excited as he was a big fan of it when it was in Calgary.

Being a weeknight, we weren’t surprised when we walked into a relatively quiet setting.  It didn’t last long.  About 20 minutes later, we noticed a line forming at the door with patrons waiting for a table (ha, sucker.)

We ordered two items to share.

The mixed fresh fruit and coconut juice with shredded grass jelly (with pop bubbles on the side)
The mixed fresh fruit and mango juice with tapioca.

It was quite delightful and refreshing, however by the time we finished these two items, we were filled to the brim with food (despite them being relatively light desserts).  My one gripe would be that a bunch of their menu offerings were unavailable at the time, and I actually had to go with order preference #3 before I got one that was actually available.  However, considering that we went to it very shortly after it opened, that (hopefully) is no longer an issue, in which I will forgive and forget.

On a totally separate occasion, me and a bunch of friends went to the Cheesecake Cafe for eats and cheesecake (of course)..  I had a salad for supper, so that I would have enough room for a slice of their Cheesequake cheesecake.  I’ve had several different types of cheesecakes at the Cheesecake Cafe, and this might have to be one of my favorites.  Leave it to me to pick the one that pretty much combines anything and everything into one.

Rich dark chocolate brownie bottom, original baked cheesecake refolded with layers of chopped nuts, brownie pieces, vanilla and fresh whipped cream.Topped with more nuts and dark chocolate ganache drizzles. Best phrase ever.

Other than drooling along with me in these food pics I’ve taken, there really is no point nor moral to this post.  All I know, and what I’m really starting to discover, is that E-town’s definitely growing in its selection of food offerings and I totally encourage everyone to join me in seeing what’s out there – it’s pretty fabulous.


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